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In the activities and distractions of daily life we forget that we are divine, eternal souls having a human experience. The body and ego-personality are captivated by worldly phenomenon, personal relationships and sensual pleasures to the degree that we forget who we truly are. We are bound to the biological/psychological organism of the human body on its journey from infancy to old age. This journey for the individual is defined by a unique path of destiny which contains the life experiences needed for the soul’s growth. These life experiences unfold in the ignorance, pain and suffering of the physical realm until we awaken to the spiritual or sacred life. Awakening spiritually requires making a conscious decision to rise above the darkness, suffering and illusions of the world through spiritual knowledge and personal transformation. Many find liberation from this world through a variety of Christian religions while the spiritual Christian prefers quiet, solitude and meditation as the way to commune with the light and love of Christ.

For the modern Christian, there are various “stages of wakefulness” which generally begin with religious instruction regarding the birth and life of Jesus Christ. The majority of religions are based on an exoteric framework of beliefs regarding the life history of Jesus Christ; these beliefs are moral guidelines “framed out” in the same logical 3rd dimensional time/space perception as our “real world” experiences. Religions tend to perceive of heaven as being beyond our earthly experience which means it is beyond our critical thinking, external to our physical bodies and outside our sensual experiences; the dogmas and doctrine of the church are meant to be accepted verbatim. Christianity has been extremely beneficial to humanity because it provides the individual with a lifestyle based on higher values, self-discipline and appropriate behaviors by which to live. For all Christians, Jesus Christ embodies the fulfillment of these sacred values and selfless behaviors and he is the ideal role model for each of us to follow.

One of the great truths Christ has revealed to humanity is that we live, move and have our being in the divine consciousness of God. We have been perfectly conceived and held in the perfect mind of God as perfect beings. Therefore, spiritual Christians perceive the body to be the temple of God, the spiritual heart is the divine altar, the Kingdom of Heaven can be experienced within, and the life of Jesus Christ demonstrates the spiritual potential we all have within ourselves. Meditation is the means of awakening this potential and reaching the point of silence and stillness within where all is one in God. The key to reaching the stillness within is to know that “mind-chatter” is noise, whereas focused attention is silence – “be still and know that I am God.”


Through meditation, we learn to subdue the impulses and urges of the body, make the personal unconscious conscious, balance the polarities of emotion and focus the mind upon the Divine Presence. Christ said, “Keep thine eye single and thy whole body will be filled with light.” It is in this focused light, silence and stillness that one feels the sacred presence of the divine. In this stillness, the mind of God floods the consciousness as sunshine radiates through clear water and, upon the altar of the heart, blends the greater with the lesser through which the lesser becomes one with the greater.

By awakening to the consciousness of God within the stillness, we can know ourselves as we really are rather than as we have thought and experienced ourselves to be. By having this realization awakened in our consciousness, we can experience for ourselves what God has already conceived us to be; we learn to let go and let God. The spiritual Christian’s work is to strive for “perfection of being” in body, mind and spirit. As Christ has told us, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” It has been separation from God that has caused sin, sickness, poverty and death in the world. In the meditation experience, we understand that only in consciousness does the idea of separation exist. Consequently, union with God causes us to rise above separation and to become a whole being or to become conscious of being whole in Christ.

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The primary purpose of this website is to emphasize the importance of meditation in the Christian life, something religions have failed to teach and frequently disparage; perhaps out of fear of becoming obsolete if individual Christians were receiving spiritual knowledge and insight intuitively from the Spirit. Only through reflection and meditation can we internalize the experience of the light, life and love of Christ’s teachings, by focusing attention on: the sublimation of the dark instinctual forces of the body; behavioral modification by spiritualizing our psychology; the dedication of our selfless Self (spiritual heart) to the Way of Life of Jesus Christ. These stages of personal transformation is what putting new wine in new wineskins means (Mark 2:22, Luke 5:36).

Three levels of meditation explained on this site:

Level 1 (Erotic Life) - Transformation
Learn about the auto-erotic, instinctual nature, impulsive forces and urges of the body and how to subdue and manage these primal energies. Learn how the life forces of the body and the lower psychic energies can be governed and transformed utilizing the breath. On this first level of meditation, learn a focused-connected breathing technique which reveals and subdues the lower primal forces and controls the “chattering mind.” The breath will be utilized to guide the higher meditations.

Level 2 (Creative Life) - Transcendent Psychology
Learn about the psychic polarities of the masculine/feminine, or animus/anima in psychology, or feeling/desire of the body-mind and how these dual polarities must be united to experience wholeness. Learn how the personal unconscious is the “shadow self” (our individual dark side or what Christians refer to as the devil; not to be confused with Satan) and how the shadow works to prevent wholeness of being. Learn how to transform, purify and integrate the individual shadow. This second level of meditation is about transforming personal darkness, spiritualizing our psychology by synthesizing the dual psychic nature; this produces the realization of wholeness, psychological stability and Self-realization.

Level 3 (Intuitive Life) - Divine Presence
After completion of Level 1 & 2, the next step is to merge the personal consciousness into the Holy Spirit through a specific, natural whole-body breathing process; this requires skilled focused breathing. Learn to live and to BE in the present moment, in the Spirit, with a deep faith and knowing of I AM. On the third level of meditation, the mind and the unified psychic nature become free of the shadow and habitual patterns of life, and the conscious self becomes still, pure, peaceful, loving and clear. From this state, intuition is awakened and the Divine can be consciously experienced. The Divine Presence or Consciousness is a sacred state where we learn to just BE. In this state we can feel the presence of the Holy Trinity; and the peace is so deep, the breath almost seems to stop.