Awakening the Light Within

The Spiritual Christian
The Teachings of Christ as a Way of Life




To all who cherish goodness, truth, beauty, and light, welcome. This website is dedicated to explaining the teachings of Christ as an internal path of spiritual awakening. The spiritual path explicated by Jesus Christ was referred to as "the Way of Life" and it demonstrates in its symbolism a process of personal transformation that will awaken inspired and dedicated individuals to recognize their true identities, their oneness with the divine, and their unique talents and abilities.

We now have the benefit of 2000 years of knowledge, discovery, and conscious evolutionary progress to use in our explanation and understanding of Christs teachings. In these two millennia, we have advanced in individual awareness to the point that we now understand more than ever about consciousness, consciousness structures, internal energies, and transformative practices. This knowledge helps us to fully understand the esoteric teachings represented in the life of Jesus Christ. 

The internal path which Christ refers to is approached by individuals who make the effort to think for themselves, who seek until they find, who knock until it opens, and who question until they know. Over the centuries, Christianity has been developed more as a mythical story about the events in the life of Jesus rather than as a body of teachings which were meant to reveal a spiritual way of life. It is very difficult through a mythological perspective to fully understand that Christ's teachings were meant as a way of life and as a path of spiritual transformation. 

To understand what Jesus Christ meant as the Way of Life, one must acquire spiritual knowledge, practice meditation, and detach from the illusions of the world. I believe that now is the time for Christians to take the next step and embrace the Light and teachings of Christ as a way of life and as a path of spiritual awakening. Now is the time to consciously bring the light of Christ into our whole being as an awakening, transformative, and integral experience. This is not a metaphor, but a very real experience.

Jesus Christ said, "Follow me." This mandate means that we have to "walk the walk." The walk Christ spoke of is the path of the active seeker. The seeker knocks on the door of understanding until it opens because he/she yearns for knowledge, peace, and light. The path of awakening is gradual steps of mental and emotional purification, transformation of consciousness, and spiritual realization. Although this is a singular path, the transformative experiences are uniquely different for each person who finds the Christ Light within, who is healed, and who learns what it is to be both human and divine.