For the Disciples of Christ

Edited & New Additions in Red (5-1-19)


Divine & Adversarial Forces in Creation & Humanity

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; without him was not anything made that was made.” The Word of God was the Son/Sun of God, the Christ, the Creative Impulse and the Life of Creation. This Divine Word resounded into the Nothingness and began the celestial dance of Creation; and from the human perspective, this Creative Impulse moved toward a singular, life-altering purpose – the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ – from the Word to the redemption of humanity through Christ crucified.

The Creator conveyed Its Divine Triune nature into the creation by creating an androgynous image and likeness of Itself. This invisible androgynous matrix contained all the qualities, characteristics, and attributes of the Creator; and this “divine creature” developed and manifested synchronistically within the celestial dance of Creation. “All things of Creation were made by him” – by the Word of God were made all things, powers, forces, and energies both divine and adversarial. However, God does not know or create evil, but God, in establishing the conditions of Creation, knows humans must face adversarial circumstances in order to discover their strengths and weaknesses so they develop the full potential of their divine nature – as the experience of Jesus Christ demonstrates.

All of God’s Creation is filled with Light, Life and Love; and if humans had not experienced the fall from Grace, they would have remained in the heavenly state and never discovered their true nature. Humans require adversarial circumstances which force them to awaken the inner realization of their divine nature and its amazing capabilities. As humans successfully struggle through these challenging moments of life, their faith in their divine nature grows, as does their love for God, Christ, and Creation from which they were created. However, not all humans are successful in their struggle with adversity; it depends on their faith in the Creator and their understanding of the divine plan.

The Days of Creation

Those who venture beyond the doctrine of organized religion, learn that the days of Creation are measured in “God’s time” which is best described as “aeons of time.” In fact, in God’s time, we are just past the midway point of the fourth day of Creation. Following the conception of Creation when God spoke the Creative Word, humanity spent the first three days in the womb of Creation. In other words, these first three days were like an infant spending three trimesters in the womb of its mother before entering the world; same living symbolism. The diagram below represents the phases of Creation from the beginning with the spoken Word, until Creation and humanity enter the realm of matter. In the diagram, Time/Space represents Day 1 followed by Day 2 and 3; Day 4 is represented by Matter, the physical manifestation of our Solar System and humanity. This fourth day of Creation is the beginning of the story of humanity. Days 5, 6 and 7 are not shown because they will take place in the unseen.

Before we enter into the explanation of humanity’s sojourn into the physical realm, it would be enlightening to understand how the phases of development in the first three days of Creation are actually a representation of the embryonic phases a baby experiences during pregnancy today. As this analogy is presented, keep in mind that what we now pigeonhole as the myths of antiquity are in fact the cleverly constructed allegories and cautionary tales which were used to express the common experience of the time. Thus, our understanding will benefit greatly from viewing them for the actual seed of truth they express, rather than dismissing them as the fabrications of an inferior, pre-modern mind. Remember, history is myth and myth is history.

What took place during this developmental period was alluded to in the book, Man, the Grand Symbol of the Mysteries by Manly P. Hall in the chapter entitled, The Incarnations of Vishnu. “The god (divine influence) Vishnu, in his most abstract form, signifies the Divine spirit either of the universe or of man. Itself unconditioned, this spirit passes through a sequential order of conditioned aspects which are termed the divine incarnations. This motion of god from form to form or, more correctly, from condition to condition is called the stride of Vishnu and is the true explanation of the transitions constantly taking place in nature. From him creations are suspended ‘as hangs a row of pearls upon its string’ (see diagram below). He who pervades is not contained in the world any more than the spirit of man is within his body, but rather the God contains the world within himself, even as the physical body of man is suspended fetus-like within the cavity of the auric egg.”

He continues, “Since Pythagoras was initiated into the Brahmanic Mysteries, it is quite probable that his numerical philosophy was founded upon the same esoteric truths which underlie the story of Vishnu’s incarnations. The ten dots which constitute the Pythagorean tetractys were advanced by the initiates of the Italic School as the perfect key to the Universal Arcanum, setting forth the mystery of Number flowing into the objective existence through the numerals. The Cabalists were certainly acquainted with the doctrines of the Masters of Eastern Wisdom. The ten Sephiroth, or jewels – like the incarnations of Vishnu – were the aspects of one eternal life principle. These aspects, reflected into the substances of the several worlds, became planes, spheres, states, and eventually the Ten Commandments, or Laws. There are definite and most intriguing correspondences between the forms assumed by Vishnu during his incarnations and the development of the embryo and fetus during the nine months of the prenatal epoch. Every modification and specialization of the bodily form and function testifies to changes taking place within the soul, or superphysical structure behind form. Bodies only seem to grow of themselves, this appearance of development being part of the illusion which deceives the unenlightened.”

As stated above, the first three days of Creation were like being in our mother’s womb – dark, dull, quiet, and warm. The forms at each stage of embryonic development correspond symbolically to the images representing Vishnu’s incarnations. As virgin spirits, we were “seeds or eggs of warmth” and illumination transitioning from one state or condition to the next directed by the influences of divine forces. The diagram below is a simplified version of the seven days of Creation found in the book The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel. Heindel calls the seven days “World Periods” and refers to these periods as Saturn, Sun, Moon, the fourth is our present Earth period, followed by Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan which are periods of future spiritual development we will evolve into. (The names of these periods have nothing to do with the planets of our solar system)

All the Kingdoms of Life on the Earth as we know them – the mineral, plant, animal, and human – appeared in Creation as a teeming mass of “divinely anointed” Life. In the first Day, the Saturn period, this “Life-Wave” of virgin spirits, entered the realm of Divine Spirit, and was immersed into the gestation process of Creation. In the beginning, this mass of Life was unconscious, blind and oblivious to outside conditions like someone in a deep dreamless sleep. In the Sun period, their state of consciousness was like deep dreaming sleep, and the Moon Period was like reaching the lucid dreaming stage. Between each day was a night, but this was a crucial transitional process in which the revolutions in the given world period separated the “advanced” spirits, those who were responding to the divine influences, and moved this part of the life wave on to the next World Period. The “denser” or less responsive “spirit-matter” were called the “stragglers” in each World Period and this “mass” established a lower kingdom; the “spirit-matter” of: the Saturn Period became the mineral kingdom; the Sun Period became the plant kingdom; and the Moon Period became the animal kingdom.

The influences of the Divine beings in each World Period had specific tasks to accomplish. According to the Cosmo-Conception, in the invisible elemental fire of the Saturn Period, the Lords of Flame (Thrones in the Bible) were responsible for awakening the Divine spirit in humanity and developing our dense (mineral) body and sense organs. In the elemental air of the Sun Period, the Lords of Wisdom (Cherubim) were responsible for awakening our Life spirit and developing our vital body, with all the capabilities for growth, assimilation, propagation, glands, etc. The environment of the Moon period has been described as being moist like a “fire-fog.” The work of this period was accomplished by the Lords of Individuality (Seraphim) to awaken the human spirit and desire, and to reconstruct the dense body to make it capable of evolving a nervous system, muscle, cartilage, and a rudimentary skeleton in preparation for entrance into the physical matter of the Earthly realm in the fourth day of Creation. This divine Life-Wave, with the kingdoms of the world clearly established, entered into the realm of physical matter on the fourth Day of Creation.

The image of God in humanity is expressed in the relationship of humans to the natural world, which is also their own nature, but it does so in a creaturely fashion, in the sense that Creation, existing in the Logos, appears in a hierarchical, multiplicity, of creaturely manifestations. Creaturely humanity is expressed in multiple degrees of inorganic states developing into the vegetable and animal worlds of the “pre-human” physical reality. In the first days of Creation, this living and evolving cosmos of creaturely humanity was awakening from a deep dream which miraculously emerged from the Eternal Oneness; a oneness where All exists in the fullness and unity of the Creator’s Divine Life without individualizing itself into multiple and varied centers of life. Only through this divinely ordained journey into individualized life-forms of nature-matter can humanity awaken to the Christ Light within and recognize their spiritual oneness with the Creator. 

5 Epochs of Earth

The crucial turning point of this journey into matter, seen in the diagram below, which reversed humanity’s unconscious descent into the darkness and density of matter, was the life and presence of Jesus the Christ. Since the beginning, when the Creative Word was spoken into existence, the Christ impulse has steadily moved toward the most profound and significant occurrence ever to happen in our Solar System – the embodiment of God, the Father into a human being. Through the Christ Spirit entering the body of Jesus of Nazareth, God, the Father became one with humanity which changed the course of Creation from the descent of spirit into matter to the ascent of matter into spirit as the resurrection of Jesus Christ indicates. As Jesus stated in John 14:12, “Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” Humanity still has three and a half days of Creation left to fulfill the potential of our divine nature. But today, in present-time reality, we face the greatest challenge in our ascent back to our spiritual heritage in the growing adversarial forces of this world.


To review, during the Saturn World Period of evolution, we were “seedlings or eggs of warmth” in the gestation stage, who were essentially at the mineral level of development; the “matrix” of the mineral kingdom and our physical body was established in this period. During the Sun period, the evolving “body-form” received a vital body with accompanying organs and the airy plant kingdom was established. During the Moon period, as the physical body was taking form, we were soft-boned, animal-like creatures which preceded the establishment of the animal kingdom; these early life-forms are still evident in the stages of a newly developing embryo. The fourth day of creation began as each of the preceding three days with a recapitulation of the past cycle and reintegration of the elemental matter into previously established patterns of growth. This is the same cyclical recapitulation process humans experience in the early developmental period of each new life, in the stages from infancy to adulthood. (See: Recapitulation in Perception)  

After the cosmic night which followed the third day of Creation, the four kingdoms of the divine Life-Wave, emerged into the realm of elemental matter. Humanity’s evolution in the World Period of Earth, like the millions of years in the previous days of creation, consists of seven cycles which are referred to as epochs. Thus far in our history, humanity has cycled through four epochs and we are now in the fifth epoch. The following explanation of humanity’s journey through these epochs is a synthesis and brief summation, in my own words, from numerous sources and years of research.

In the beginning of humanity’s evolution, the fiery matter which formed the Earth was still a part of the Sun; the elemental substances which formed the “mass” called earth and our bodies, if they could be called that, were all molten minerals, and the atmosphere was gaseous. The beginning of this journey was a recapitulation of the Saturn Period, so the human forms at that time passed through the mineral state; they had a dense body similar to the first day of Creation and a state of consciousness like deep dreamless sleep.

Millions of years passed, and humanity slowly evolved into the second epoch or transitional stage on Earth. This began with a recapitulation of the Sun period in which humanity was clothed in the dense body with a vital body, and the plant kingdom slowly emerged. In the sea of fire that was our fiery globe, there began to form at various points, small “crust-islands” floating in the molten fire. Humans began evolution on the Earth after Mars had been thrown off from the central mass of the solar system; but that which was the mass of our Earth was still attached to the Sun. Eventually, the incrustations on the “mass of Earth” had progressed to the point that it was becoming an obstacle to humanity’s progress as humans needed a denser world for their future development. Therefore, the mass we know as Earth was thrown off from the Sun, and commenced to revolve around the parent sun in a somewhat different orbit than we know today. Shortly afterwards Venus and Mercury were thrown off for similar reasons. In this period of time, humans had developed shapeless “baggy bodies” which grew and increased in size by drawing to themselves materials from the outside world by osmosis; humans were in a dreamless-sleep-consciousness. 

The nebulous Life-Wave which had emerged into the physical realm on the fourth day, not only included the four kingdoms of our world, but also some “unevolved stragglers” from the third day. At the time when the Earth-globe was separated from the sun, it included the part which is now our Moon, and on our new planetary globe, this mass of stragglers became “dead-weight” and a hindrance to humanity’s progress. Eventually, “Mother Nature” decided it was necessary to remove this “deadness” so the evolution of the others would not be impeded. These "stragglers” had failed so thoroughly, they had crystallized that part of the Earth they occupied to such a degree it had become a huge cinder in the otherwise soft and fiery Earth. They were a hindrance and an obstruction to the forward evolution of humanity, so, like a cyst ejected from the body, these “lifeless forms” and that part of the Earth they had crystallized were thrown out into space; this is the moon we see today.

As life advanced, the human spirit was vivified and took control of the higher part of the desire body and of the germinal mind, impregnating them with the quality of selfhood. As a result of natural and divine influences, the emergence of Mind was responsible for the separate, self-contained personalities we have today, with all the possibilities for growth and personal experience; this was the birth of individuality. Not only was the personality new, but all the organs of the body were also in their most rudimentary stage, and there was no brain that could be used as an instrument of expression; consciousness was very dim. Humanity of that day was not even as intelligent as our present-day animals and we had no memory capabilities. The next evolutionary step was to build a brain to use as the instrument of mind in the physical world; this was achieved by separating the dual procreative forces of the sexes.

The divine nature of the higher Self is bi-sexual; and our bodies are the external symbol of this indwelling spirit. The sex of the divine Self does not express itself as such in the inner worlds; there, it manifests as two distinct qualities of will and imagination. Will is the divergent (the masculine principle) and is allied to the Sun forces; imagination is the convergent (the feminine principle) and is linked to the Moon forces. Humanity, at that time, was hermaphrodite meaning they had both creative principles in their body, and could reproduce a duplicate body by themselves. After a very long period of evolution, the dual creative forces which were previously used for creating another body were divided. One part of the procreative force was retained, and the other part was directed upward to build the brain and larynx, by means of which the divine Self would become capable of thinking and communicating thoughts to other beings; it was at this point that humans stood erect. As a result of this change, only one part of the force essential in creating another body was available to the individual; hence it became necessary for each individual to seek the co-operation of another, who possessed that other part of the procreative force which the seeker lacked. Thus, humanity obtained “brain” consciousness of the outside world, but at the cost of half its procreative power.

In the latter part of this epoch, the atmosphere was still very dense, like the fire-fog of the Moon Period. The crust of the Earth was becoming quite hard and solid in some places, while in others it was still fiery, and between the islands of crust was a sea of boiling water and nether fires. Continuous activity of volcanic outbursts and cataclysms marked this period. Upon the harder, cooler spots humans lived surrounded by giant fern-forests and animals of enormous size. When humans were born they could touch and hear, but they had no eyes. They had two sensitive spots which were responsive to light, but it was not until much later that they had sight equivalent to what we have today. As Earth became more luminous, humans could perceive light; therefore, perception of light called forth the eye. Nature and the light itself built the eye and maintain it; where there is no light there can be no eye.

Surprisingly, at the time, humans knew nothing of their bodies because they could not see them. They could perceive their fellow-beings, however, but it was with an inner perception like our perception of people in dreams but much clearer. Thus, humans didn’t realize they had a body, in the same manner we don’t recognize our inner organs when they are in good health. They were unaware of birth because they were in their sleep-state; they were unconscious of the physical world as well as the intimate contact of sexual relations. Procreative functions were guided by Divine beings, in the same manner that takes place in the animal kingdom today. This is part of the mystery of the "Tree of Knowledge," the fruit of which opened the eyes of Adam and Eve (who represent humanity) so they knew each other as well as good and evil. Previously they had known only good, but when they began to exercise the procreative function independently, their eyes were opened and pain, sorrow, and suffering followed.

Humans of this period felt themselves to be descendants of God; they were enlightened beings, although they didn’t know it, so the direction of their education was not to gain spiritual, but material knowledge. Most of their learning was directed toward awakening to the consciousness of the material realm; they were also taught art, the laws of Nature and of the Cosmos, and facts relating to the physical universe which are common knowledge to us. The education of the young women developed the first germinal, flickering of memory. The concept of good and evil was formulated by them because of their experiences in working with the imagination. They designated their activities which produced memories as good, and those that left no traces as evil. In today’s world, spiritual instruction is necessary because the average person has very little knowledge of spiritual matters or how to function in the superphysical realms.

The Fall of Man

The Lucifer spirits, who were the adversarial influence responsible for the Fall of Man, were a class of angels in the life-wave of the Moon Period. In this period, they worked themselves far ahead of the great mass of those who are now the most advanced of our humanity. However, they were so much in advance of our present humanity that it was impossible for them to form a dense body as we had done because they were too ethereal. As a result of their willfulness to advance, they had no body in which a physical brain could be developed; thus, they were without the inner organ for acquiring knowledge. They were half-way between humans who had a brain and the angels who didn’t need one; in short, they were demi-gods. They were in a dire situation and the only option they had to gain knowledge was to use a human's physical brain.

Prior to the “fall of man,” the consciousness of humanity was not focused in the physical world. Humans were unconscious of propagation, birth and death. Birth and death involved no break in the consciousness and was therefore non-existent to them; they “lived” within. They perceived physical things in a spiritual way, as we perceive them in lucid dreams; as if those things were within themselves. Lucifer spirits functioned in the astral world and had an understanding of the external physical realm, but no way to contact it. Since humans formed inner-images or pictures of their dream-like experiences, it was very easy for the Lucifer spirits to insert their own images into the human perception. These images were of the “outside world” of material reality, and knowledge of their physical bodies. These spirits explained how humans could cease being the servants of external powers and become their own master and like unto the gods, "knowing good and evil." They also made clear that they need not worry if their bodies died, because they would live again in new bodies. All of this information was given with the one purpose in mind – that of turning humanity’s consciousness outward for the acquisition of knowledge which benefited the Lucifer spirits.

When "their eyes were opened," consciousness was directed outward toward the facts of the physical world and this awareness altered the conditions of their life. In time, propagation was initiated by humans, who abused the sexual-function, using it for sensual-gratification, with the result that pain attended the child-bearing process. As a result, their attention became focused in the external physical world, and humanity lost their edenic consciousness as they gradually awakened. The Luciferian spirits had very selfish, ulterior motives for gaining knowledge through the human experience which caused humanity to awaken to the outside world and partake of “fleshly” food rather than the heavenly food, the bread of Life. But the real problem humanity had with the Lucifer spirits was this – humans recognize they are created in the image and likeness of God, and they know divinity through their participation in Creation, and in their relationship to God; they also know they are not God which is accomplished through kenosis. But if humans were to reject this divine relationship and reject kenosis, they would be in the self-centered, ego-inflated Luciferian consciousness believing they were the image and source of their own divinity. Thus, they would exalt and elevate their human “I” into a pseudo-divine “I” as the Luciferian spirits did. The creaturely spirit conceals within itself the satanic temptation of its I-ness, which consists in its self-assertion as the God-image; this over-inflated ego state is obvious in many people today. However, if humanity had remained in its dream state, humans would never have advanced to the level of knowledge they experience today; this pre-destined “fall” from Grace turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Advancing to the Present

At this time in the evolutionary stages, volcanic cataclysms destroyed the greater part of the continent on which most humans were living, but later, another continent arose in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and America. This land mass differed from our present world especially in the constitution of the atmosphere and the water of that epoch. The southern part of the planet was hot and fiery as the volcanoes were still abundantly active; and from the north swept down the icy blasts from the Polar region. This continent was the meeting place of those two currents; consequently its atmosphere was always filled with a thick and murky fog.

Not only was the country different, but humanity of that time was unlike anything we know in the present. Humans had a head, but scarcely any forehead; the brain had no frontal development so the head sloped abruptly back from a point just above the eyes. Compared with our present humanity, this human was a giant with arms and legs much longer in proportion to the body than ours. Instead of walking, humans progressed by a series of flying leaps, not unlike those of the kangaroo. At this point of evolution, the vital body was not yet fully seated in the physical body, and as a result, the human power of perception or vision was much keener in the inner worlds than in the dense physical world, which was obscured by its atmosphere of thick, heavy fog.

As the dense physical world became clearer, the vital body was fully seated in the physical body. Not until then did humans become fully awake in the physical realm; but now with full sight and perception of the physical world, the capability of perceiving the inner worlds was gradually lost. This period was also the awakening of feeling, which the earlier generations completely lacked, in the finer signification of the word. They had the sense of touch and could feel the sensations of pain, ease and comfort, but not the mental and spiritual ones of joy, sorrow, sympathy and antipathy. Like all of the humans in the past, their feelings as spirits inspired them, and no harm was ever done to one another.

Another evolutionary step was the emergence of memory and with it came a rudimentary language for the Atlanteans. They named things in the world and developed words, and no longer made use of mere sounds. Now with feelings, memory, and language humans began to feel their worth as separate, indistinct beings. They became ambitious, demanding that their works be remembered; this was the germ for royalty. Humans of this period began to honor the memory of ancestors and to worship them and others who had shown great merit. This was the beginning of ancestral worship which is still practiced to this day in some parts of Asia.

In this time, it became significant to recognize the deceased because a father had the power to bestow his qualities upon his son in a way that is impossible to humankind today. This continued into recorded history, which is why in the Old Testament, when someone was asked who they were, their response recognized their father as in, “I am the son of Jacob or Abraham…” because they carried their father’s memories and qualities in their blood. In the middle third of Atlantis, humans began to separate into different nations, and the leaders of these nations initiated great Kings to rule the people, over whom they were given great power. They began to use their power corruptly, for selfish ends, and personal aggrandizement instead of for the common good; arrogating to themselves privileges and authorities never intended for them. Ambition and selfishness ruled them and they abused their high, divinely derived powers, for purposes of oppression and revenge. This was true, not only of the Kings, but also of the nobles and the higher classes.

The Turanians, a known race in this period, were especially vile in their abominable selfishness. They erected temples where the Kings were worshiped as gods, and caused the extreme oppression of the helpless lower classes. Black magic of the worst and most nauseating kind flourished and all their efforts were directed towards the gratification of vanity and external display. The original Semites were the most important of races, because in them we find the first germ of the corrective quality of thought. Therefore, the original Semitic Race became the "seed-race" for the seven races in the next epoch.

In the first Epoch, humans acquired a body as an instrument of action. In the second Epoch, the vital body was added to give power of motion necessary to action. In the third Epoch, the desire body furnished incentive to action. When the mind was given to humans it gave purpose to action, but as the ego was exceedingly weak and the desire nature strong, the nascent mind coalesced with the desire body. This resulted in the emergence of cunning, deceit, and lies, the second adversarial influence following Lucifer, the Ahrimanic/Satanic force; this dark energy became the cause of all the wickedness to follow in the coming epochs. This Ahrimanic/Satanic force became known by many names: Angra Mainyu or Ahriman in Zoroastrian tradition, Typhon in the Egyptian period of Osiris and Isis; Satan in the time of Jesus Christ; and Mephistopheles in 1800’s from Goethe’s book Faust. The adversarial forces of Lucifer and Ahriman/Satan in present time will be the concluding topic of this paper.

Current Epoch

In the beginning of the current epoch, thought and reason were evolved by the higher Self in the rudimentary human mind, to conduct the energies of desire into channels leading to the attainment of spiritual perfection, which is the goal of evolution. This faculty of thought and forming ideas was gained by humans at the expense of “losing control” over the vital forces and powers of Nature. While reason benefited humans in many ways, it closed their vision into the soul of things, which had previously “spoken” to them; and the gaining of intellect, which is now “the most precious possession” of humans, sadly caused the loss of their spiritual sight and power. Just prior to this current epoch, under the guidance and influence of Divine powers, the original Semitic race was led eastward from the Atlantean continent, over Europe, to the great waste in Central Asia which is known as the Gobi Desert. There, this race was prepared to be the seed of the seven races to follow in this current epoch.

Central Asia was the cradle of civilization which descended from the original Semites. In this present epoch, humans came to know the forces from their Divine Origin, which was destined to be used for spiritual development; and the use of fire and primitive tools. Therefore, in this epoch, there developed two classes of people: those who look upon this Earth and upon humanity as being of Divine Origin; and the others who see all things from a purely utilitarian, earth-bound viewpoint. The most advanced among humanity at the beginning of this epoch, were given the higher spiritual Initiations, so they could be the mediators between God and humanity; they did not appear publicly nor give any indication that they were Leaders or Teachers. Humans were left entirely free to seek them or not, as they desired.

According to Heindel, at the end of our present epoch a leader will appear publicly, when a sufficient number of humanity desires such a leader. And from America, a group of disciples will form the nucleus for the last Race, which will appear at the beginning of the Sixth Epoch. The total number of races past, present and future in our scheme of evolution is sixteen; one at the end of the Third Epoch, seven during the Fourth Epoch, seven more in our present Epoch, and one in the beginning of the Sixth Epoch. After that time there will be nothing that can properly be called a race. Races did not exist in the Periods which preceded the Earth Period and they will not exist in those Periods which follow it. It is only here, at the very nadir of material existence, that the differences between humans are so great as to warrant the separation into races. After that time races and nations will cease to exist and humanity will form one spiritual fellowship.

On the other hand, in some of the ancient teachings, these sixteen races are referred to as the "Sixteen Paths to Destruction" because there is always, in each race, a danger that the soul may become too attached to a race; that it may become so enmeshed in the race-culture, the race-characteristics and the race-consciousness, it cannot rise above the “race-idea,” and will fail to advance. In other words, all races decline and end, but individual souls or groups who become so identified and attached to a race can “crystallize” into that race, becoming confined in the race-bodies. These souls will start to degenerate as the “race-spirit” declines, which could culminate in the ruinous end of the current great epoch. Humans must recognize that they are not bodies or races, but a divine Self striving for perfection and spiritual liberation.

In Periods, Cycles, and Epochs where there are no races, there is less likelihood of races becoming inflexible or fossilized. However, these sixteen races are born and die in such a relatively short time there is grave danger that those who get too attached or ignore current conditions may be left behind like the stragglers of earlier periods. Christ is the great unifying Leader of the Sixth Epoch, and He enunciated this Law when He uttered the words: “…whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not All that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:33) And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:27) We humans have arrived at a level of spiritual consciousness in which we do not need to cling to race, religion, or nationality to the point of alienating others. If we stand in the light of our divine spiritual nature, we will remember the oneness of humanity. That being said, we still have to be vigilant of the adversarial forces still at work in this world.

The Adversarial Influences of Lucifer and Satan

The most important event in human history, the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, changed forever, the cycle of unconscious spirits descending into matter. Now humanity has begun a new journey through aeons of time to the seventh day of Creation where we will all rest in God, our Father and Creator. Through the example shown to us by Jesus Christ, humans now know they too can consciously transform and resurrect their being/soul, and in time, ascend to higher states of spiritual experience. Humanity is now like a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon. The butterfly requires the adversarial circumstances of the cocoon in order to be strong enough to fly away – no cocoon, and it would helplessly plunge to the ground. “Resurrecting” humanity, at this present time, is in the throes of the struggle with the adversarial, hate-filled, godless forces of material-bound minds who feel threatened that we “spiritually-minded” humans, especially Christians, are ruining their world and taking their power.

The challenge we “spirit-minded” humans now face is to awaken as many of our brothers and sisters from the “creeping unconsciousness” of materialism and most especially, from the hidden dangers of virtual reality. In time, the technological “ghost-in-the-machine” will be recognized as one of the most enticing and deceptively destructive, mesmerizing forces human consciousness has ever encountered. Technology, in the hands of “power-hungry” depraved humans, is an adversarial force that is enriching those in power and being programmed to eventually enslave humanity. Do not be deceived – the greatest trick the devil pulls is to make people believe he does not exist – especially, when the devil “comes bearing gifts” of technological wonders. This is the ultimate plan and goal of the Ahrimanic/Satanic forces, a plan which captures the attention of humanity with its amazing technological and material wonders which bedazzles everyone; thereby diverting humanity’s attention away from Christ and the miracle of spiritual realization.

The Ahrimanic/Satanic force’s greatest fear is humanity awakening to the internal joys and insights of spiritual experience through the presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Consequently, these adversarial forces have devised a way to not only embed the human mind in materialism, but also to push it even deeper into unconsciousness through virtual reality. The greatest danger is to young adolescents and young adults who experience the material world through the virtual world without actually making contact with real life or real people. For these young people who grow up with technology, this isolation from real life experiences and real people presents a distorted perception of reality and is causing their psychological nature to atrophy rather than developing in the way life intended; they are woefully unprepared for the next stages of life experience. The developmental stages we go through in this life were established in the first three and a half days of Creation.

Each soul who comes into this life goes through the cycles or stages of recapitulation (See: Recapitulation in Perception); these cycles correspond with the days of Creation. The infant from birth to around seven goes through a process of integrating with its (dreamless sleep, mineral) physical body and experiences archaic consciousness in this first stage of life. The child from seven to around fourteen integrates with its (dreaming sleep, plant) vital body and experiences magical consciousness; it is important in childhood to bond with the magical, vital life of earth, flowers, butterflies, animals, and animated life, like cartoons. From fourteen to around twenty-one the adolescent drifts away from family and bonds with the peer group; this stage is the integration of the (lucid dreaming, animal desires) body and the experience of mythical consciousness. From twenty-one to around twenty-eight the mind of the individual awakens to human mental consciousness; and we have now completed the cycles of recapitulation. Everything in life from this point forward would be considered “new karmic experience.”

In regard to the adversarial influences active in present-time reality, the adolescent stage is vitally important to the development of our psychological/emotional nature, but our cognitive mind only develops from face to face contact with people and real life experiences; solving challenging “real life” problems only happens in the complex and sometimes, embarrassing interrelationships with other people. To use some common situations we have all heard about or experienced: teenagers don’t develop a normal psychological perspective of family life and rituals when they are isolated in their rooms away from their family; adolescent minds don’t develop properly when they view material life primarily through their Smart phones; teenagers are vulnerable to sexual addiction and pornography if they don’t have parental supervision and someone teaching them the values of life; the mind of young people does not develop by amassing bits of irrelevant data from the internet; and teenagers atrophy physically, emotionally, and mentally when they spend 8-14 hours a day playing video games in their parents’ basement.

Computers and phones are meant to be tools, not instruments of addiction and enslavement! This delusional state of being alive but actually “unconscious” in life is the ideal state in which the Ahrimanic/Satanic forces can “herd” humanity into whatever direction they desire. These individuals are not even at the level of experience in material reality because they are experiencing material reality through virtual reality. And, we have no idea what this is doing or how this is altering our cognitive development as human beings because we don’t know what we don’t know! But, what we do know is our biological well-being and health are constantly changing based on our relationship to the external environment. Since the unconscious autonomic system which governs our biology cannot touch the environment, it depends on the conscious mind and nervous system to communicate a stream of continuous interpretations about our environmental experiences. Based on these changing perceptions, the genetic activity of our mind and body adapt and change accordingly. Technologically connected people have a very different experience of material reality today than people did before video games and the wireless Smartphone; it is not yet known in what ways the mind and emotions of people, especially young people, are being altered and reconfigured. One thing is evident – this is not heading in the direction evolution intended for us to follow, and that is, the spiritualization of our body, mind, and soul.

Consider the nature of the beast… Jesus said, “Ye shall know a tree by its fruit…” and those who are conscious can tell the good fruit from the bad fruit in this world. Look at the nature and fruit of the big tech companies: they are secretive, deceptive, powerful, biased, manipulative, revengeful, dark and egotistical, caring only about their own personal desires and agenda; these are exactly the same psychological characteristics found in a psychopathic personality. They have been exposed: manipulating search results to fit their biases as well as sway recent elections; suppress free speech; help China’s military; and help China’s government design software to enslave its population; not to mention showing an obvious bias against America, our Constitution and our cultural heritage. Also, they are supplying the global corporations with our personal data so we “will want for nothing” and lay back passively into a life of comfort and ease, offering no resistance to their manipulations to “automate us.”

The media is an instrument for the Ahrimanic/Satanic forces through their lies, deceit, slander, and manipulations, as they run cover for Big Tech, the Socialist-Democrats, the elites of society, and Hollywood activists, as well as attack anyone who does not agree with their agenda. This dark force intends to divide, disparage, abuse, accuse, denigrate and destroy anyone who does not agree with their so-called “morally-superior” worldview. This beast is the adversary to the spiritual awakening, advancement and liberation of humanity from the illusion of this world. The premise of a technology e-book I recently read, states that the Ahrimanic/Satanic forces are directing technological advancements so these forces can merge with artificial intelligence (AI), just like the Lucifer spirits merged with and influenced humanity through our brains; to me, such a premise no longer seems like science fiction. This situation in our world is truly the incarnation of evil in these “last days” of the struggle between the adversarial forces of darkness and the Light of Christ.

The divine and adversarial streams of influences form a duality with Christ being the reconciling force in opposition to Lucifer and Satan; but these conflicts within the human life experience are not simply a fight of good against evil. The spiritual consciousness awakened within us through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ reveals a higher path than simply “resisting evil.” This remedy demands that we bring these adversarial forces that impact our life into the Christ Light which resides within our own consciousness, and transform and synthesize these energies into the one Light, essentially, neutralizing and consuming their power; this transformation also applies to our personal shadow. This conforms to the ancient teaching of the “Golden Mean” which directs us into the middle path between the opposing adversarial extremes – into the Light and Love of Jesus Christ.

The middle path means that there are new guidelines in this new era; namely, the only way to recognize the “children of the light” is whether they have a genuinely good heart. In order to “see” if someone “really” has a sincerely good heart is if one is “really” real within oneself. The way to become real within is explained everywhere on this site, especially in the Stages of Meditation. In this way, it doesn’t matter what race, religion, political party, or nation one is affiliated with; all that is required to be a brother or sister in Christ, is a sincerely good and clear heart with properly established values, and realness within oneself from union with the Light of Christ. That is the ultimate goal of Christ and the Divine Forces.

The one disqualifying issue that keeps people from the light of Christ consciousness is someone’s abuse of alcohol and “getting high” kind-of-drugs. This disqualifying factor has nothing to do with moral judgment, but with spiritual anatomy. The use of these kinds of substances dissipates the vital energies gained in Stage 1 meditation and this enhances the shadow’s dark energies. They also diminish the spiritual light which is the foundation of Stage 2 Meditation. From my years of spiritual research and meditation, I have learned that the spirit of alcohol is not a good spirit. In the end, there will be more souls lost to alcoholism than in all the wars of the world. Secondly, alcohol, hard drug and other additive drugs are 100% Ahrimanic/Satanic spirit making one unconscious in life. I have learned that when alcohol or drug addicted souls leave this life, they are attached to that particular spirit like a bug to a spider and are immediately wrapped up in a “spider’s cocoon” by the spirits of alcohol and opioid drugs; they remain in unconsciousness for a long, long period of time as unconsciousness was what they were always seeking. And, those who smoke pot excessively need to know this is 100% the Lucifer spirit with its exhilarating, ego-enhancing, image-generating, feel-good-kind of high; this is the “nature energy” or “false-light” of Lucifer, not the spiritual energy of the Christ-light. One cannot serve these spirits and serve the spirit of Christ; Christ advocated moderation in all things. To truly follow the Way of Life, there are some serious guidelines that were laid down by Christ, and they need to be followed if someone desires to rise to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. It’s just a matter of being disciplined, letting go and letting God, getting clear, and being real. (See: Meditations)