Transformation & Transcendence




The American spirit was conceived when our Founding Fathers embraced their highest vision of what our country could be. They formed this ideal so all Americans could have a level playing field in which to pursue happiness and to find fulfillment in life. They knew all humans were created equal, in other words, as living souls in a physical body, we were given the ability to dream, to think, and to act; BUT that is where equality ends and freedom begins. We are all equal in the eyes of God in the way a father loves his children, but the father recognizes that each of his children is different: one is more talented, one behaves better, or one is smarter. Everyone in this life is different from one another.


Our Founding Fathers devised a system that recognized our God given creative potential and thus established an environment which provides freedom for us to express our individual talents and unique differences and from that system the American Spirit has emerged. The American Spirit is a synthesis of our spiritual values, our entrepreneurial aspirations, and our patriotic loyalty. Not loyalty so much to a government or to a political party, but to our country, to this land from sea to shining sea, and to its people.


Freedom is what our Founding Fathers wanted us to have because America was founded by individuals who wanted to get away from kings, tyrants, and class struggle. Our country stands strong today because of people who have fought and died for freedom. But in our modern society, people are confused about the difference between equality and freedom. Political parties have aligned their ideologies along these lines with freedom being on the right and equality on the left.


Equality would be like a student studying to make a 4.0 grade average while his friends with 2.0 averages were out partying and playing. At the end of the quarter, equality would take a point from the 4.0 student and give it to the 2.0 student so everyone would have a 3.0 because equality attempts to bring everyone to the lowest common denominator. The problem is equality tends to punish the achievers in our society. But with freedom we have the opportunity to strive for excellence, to express our unique abilities, and to be rewarded for it.


Our Creator intended for us to have freedom so we could discover who we are by making choices in life and experiencing the consequences of those choices (the law of cause and effect). In freedom we learn from our choices what is right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t, and what is good in life and what is not. When we take responsibility for our choices and the actions that follow, we create, brick by brick, our character, integrity, and personality. In freedom, we can become the highest ideal of the greatest vision we have for who we are. Freedom is the lifeblood of the American Spirit.

If we forget the true meaning of freedom our Founding Fathers bled for or if we take it for granted or if we forget about those who defend and protect our freedom, we will surely lose the American Spirit and we will lose our country as we have known it. We cannot let this happen. Please keep alive, protect and preserve the living flame of the American Spirit in your heart.



Each soul arrives into this world in a pristine state of consciousness and begins the journey of awakening to its new physical reality. The purity of the unblemished consciousness is continuously imprinted with the conditions of the environment into which it is born. In this phase of life, infants develop an awareness of the functionality of the physical body. They are taught, consciously and unconsciously by parents and siblings how to relate to and use their bodies and how to negotiate their environments. As time progresses, the child becomes conscious of the body he inhabits and conscious of the complex environment in which he lives.

Unfortunately, it is in this phase of life that the contamination of the unblemished consciousness and soul begins. In their attempt to be helpful, parents and siblings impose upon the child behaviors, customs and methods of doing things that are a normal part of their lives. The coercive influence of these relationships mold and configure the individual to the people, systems, environment, and cultures into which he or she is born.


All humans develop through 4 stages or structures of consciousness (See: Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser) with each phase lasting approximately 7 years. The infant begins in what is referred to as the archaic phase of consciousness because life appears as a screen of indistinct moving images that have no depth perception and no cohesion. Through this phase, the child’s body, nervous system, and motor skills develop and the child slowly learns to negotiate through the objects of the world. The second stage could be described as magical consciousness because children are enthralled with all of nature from butterflies to bunnies to make believe; this phase includes such magical personalities as Mickey Mouse, Santa, and a variety of cartoons characters.


In the western world, after young people pass into adolescence at 14 or so years, they develop “a mind of their own” and tend to push away from the family in order to formulate their own individual identity or self-concept. During this phase of development, the ego of the young person becomes obsessed with finding an identity and place in the social framework of their peer group. This process of formulating the personality is called the mythical stage as the personality types found in Greek mythology are archetypal patterns of personality which teens explore, embrace, and eventually own.


This developmental progression of consciousness continues into the mental stage of development which occurs in the early 20’s. All of these early life experiences through the stages of consciousness development culminate in the individuality of the young adult. Individuality is very different from personality. The ego-personality is a superficial, culturally influenced persona or “mask” which individuals present to the world, but this mask can change like a chameleon when circumstances require; whereas, the individuality of a person represents the private, personal inner self that is seldom revealed. This is not how consciousness development works in tribal cultures.


In tribal cultures, infants must also learn how to negotiate through the world, but as young children there are more daily duties to be performed for the family and tribe. Unlike western civilization, when young people reach adolescence, a time for developing a sense of autonomy, they do not push off from the family and develop their own personality. Rather, their self-concept develops within the strict framework of the tribe and they are expected to learn and to conform to all customs, mores, and religious practices.


There is no socialization as we experience in the western world especially between members of the opposite sex. The ultimate effect of growing up in a closed totalitarian society and being under constant scrutiny from members of the tribe is that the ego/personality is severely inhibited, molded, and coerced to conform so rigidly that they, in most cases, do not think of themselves as individuals and are unable to think for themselves. They simply do what they are told by some body of men who make up the rules to suit themselves. There is no such thing as the consent of the people.


In the American experiment, our greatest challenge is individual self-governance. This is a disciplined behavior which comes from a virtuous heart, an enlightened love of liberty and a willingness to serve the greater good. The “American tribe” bonds together willingly, freely, and lawfully based on our mutual love and respect for God and country, our shared values and our love for one another, that is, a love for the good-hearted Americans who put God and country first above their races, cultures, or political ideologies.


The American ideal is the God-inspired manifestation of the highest collective consciousness to ever walk upon the earth. We are the people of the American Spirit and we open our hearts to all good-hearted people around the world who live by and honor the light, life, and love of our Creator. May God bless our republic and the people of the American Spirit.




The teachings of Christ state that in the last days all things shall be revealed. What this means is more and more spiritual light is coming into the world and things that have been obscure and hidden will begin to stand out clearly. From all indications, we are in those days right now. The effect of this increased energy is that it: makes people more conscious and aware, makes the circumstances of unfolding events accelerate, makes the events themselves more intense, and it makes people more intense.


In other words, it makes people more of what they are, that is, the righteous are getting lighter and the godless are getting darker. The end result is that people are becoming more divided and polarized. In our country, the godless are attempting to deceive the people of the American Spirit by twisting the truth, telling outright lies, and corrupting our society and children because they think the government can provide a better life for us than we can for ourselves, especially if they are the ruling elite. They are wrong.

It is important in this time of our lives that we of the light know who the deceivers are and what they are trying to do. Christ explains the situation we are facing in the parable of the wheat and tares: In Matthew 13:24-30: “Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. 

So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, did not thou sow good seed in thy field? From whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”

Another way of explaining this parable is to use a symbol – the triangle. The white triangle represents the wheat (the children of light) and the black triangle represents the tares (the godless and wicked) sown by the evil one. To take this a step further, these two triangles represent many aspects in life, in the human, and in the universe; these are the paired opposites of our 3 dimensional world, they are: light and darkness, energy and matter, eternity and the time/space universe, order and chaos, life and death, good and evil, and right and wrong.


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An interesting thing happens when we overlay these symbols (see below) representing light/darkness and good/evil. On a personal level, these symbols represent the way humans are configured, they are: spirit/body, reasoning mind/rational mind, spiritual identity and the ego/personality of the body, and spirituality/sensuality. The two symbols together symbolically represent the kind of people we are discussing in this paper: the righteous (right-us-ness) and the godless/wicked. We humans have our share of strengths and weaknesses; we all encounter various temptations and we all make mistakes, but those who believe in God orient their lives in such a way so they try to do the right thing. They live in the light and in the spirit of goodness.


By living in this manner they push the darkness to the background of their lives as represented by the triangle on the left. The light spirit dominates over the body of matter and the world of mammon. Whereas, the godless and the wicked do not care about the light, they do not care about other people, and they do not care if they do the right thing, so in their lives the darkness predominates and the light is diminished. These are the wheat and tares in the parable of Christ. This is the source of the struggle in our world today between the light and the darkness. This parable does not include the “lukewarm or the “walking dead” who are muddling around in life with their heads up their ipods.

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The people of the American Spirit need to wake up to the fact that evil and darkness are all around us today. It comes from progressives who have been systematically and purposefully destroying our country by destroying our society, our educational system, our children, our religions, and our freedoms. It also comes from radical Islam who wants to control the world and everyone in it. It comes from those who want a one world order, who are intoxicated and addicted to power. And it comes from the wicked and the violent that have insatiable and dark desires they can never fill, and who have no conscience or soul. (See: Lost Souls)

In order to withstand this gathering darkness, the people of the American Spirit need to stand in the light and stand in the truth. What does this mean? It means that we have to bring together the internal and the external. We have an external framework established in the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights which are the most exalted and grand system to ever function in the civilized world, but it requires a virtuous and honorable citizenry to make it work. This is where the internal part comes in.

We people of the American Spirit must rise above ourselves, rise above our petty differences, rise above the world of mammon, rise above our religious differences and awaken the light of Christ within our heart of hearts. This Christ light is our strength, it is our guide, it is our courage, it is our power and it is the love that unites us all together in the body (church) of Christ. Seek it and you will find it. We people of the American Spirit must stand together against this gathering darkness; we must not let it divide us. If we allow for the light of Christ to unite with the living principles of our Constitutional Republic and we stand firm in this divine light, God will give us a vision for the way ahead. Wake up America and have faith.


As it was explained in the parable of the wheat and the tares, in our world today, humanity is being divided or polarized into two very different perspectives of life: those who believe in God and those who don’t; those who believe in government and those who believe in liberty; those who believe in God’s will being done and those who believe their will is supreme; those who are addicted to power and those who allow for God’s power to flow in their lives; and those who seek the truth and those who “think” they already know the truth. This polarized state is the reason we see such a high level of tension and anger among people. So how is it that seemingly intelligent people can be so diametrically opposed to each other and utterly convinced that their side of the issue is right? It is simple to recognize if it is understood through the rational perspective and the reasoning mind.


These two minds can be understood using the two symbols above of the overlapping triangles. In living symbolism, the black triangle represents darkness, chaos, elemental matter, evil and sexuality (life-force turned downward); in the world, it represents the physical body, the emotions and the rational mind which is the mind of the ego/personality. The white triangle represents light, order, intelligence, goodness, spirituality (life-force turned upward); in the world, it represents our spiritual identity, the reasoning mind and conscience.

If we were to overlap these triangles and place a dot right in the middle, the dot would represent our hearts. This is how we are all configured; this is why we seem to have the potential for good and evil at the same time. This melding of spirit and body can be broken down further to show how higher intelligence plays upon the nervous system of the body to create states of mind such as self-reflection, self-expression, self-gratification, self-preservation, and the self-image which we call ego and the Gnostics call the counterfeit spirit.


To clarify this configuration further and to put it into an understandable framework, it can be broken down as follows: the black triangle representing the body, emotions and rational mind generate the states of mind of self-preservation, self-gratification, and the self-image (ego); the white triangle representing our spirit, reason and conscience generate the states of mind of self-knowing, self-reflection and self-expression; and the heart is in the middle of these triangles generating the mind state of self-discrimination.

The black or lower triangle is what is referred to as the worldly mind or natural mind and the white or upper triangle is called the spiritual mind. The consciousness of an individual can be either in the spirit, the light, and the reasoning mind or in the darkness or sensuality of the body, the emotions, and the rational mind of the ego/personality. It goes without saying that there are infinite shades of gray in between these.


Now to answer the question - how is it that seemingly intelligent people can be so diametrically opposed to each other and utterly convinced that their side of the issue is right? The answer to this has to do with the orientation of the individual. The person who is oriented to their body, to the senses and to their ego, thinks that this life is all there is – they are in the world and of the world. Consequently, in their rational thinking, they are competing with everyone else on the planet for the scarce resources of the world.

In this type of mind state, a person can’t help but be self-centered. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this person creates a personal agenda or ideology to devise ways to get what he or she wants, which usually revolves around power, money, position, sex, and fame or recognition. The ego/personality is the defender of their personal aspirations; the rational mind can convince the individual that the lies, half-truths or distortions they tell are justified so they can achieve their “lofty” ambitions. This is one half of the equation; the reasoning mind is the other.

A person whose orientation is toward the higher self uses the reasoning mind to serve a purpose greater than personal aspirations or ego-gratification. Consequently, there is no reason to invest our whole lives competing with others in the pursuit of material goods, fame or position. Rather, we serve the greater good of all mankind. People who believe in God know that this world is just a temporary stopover and our true home is in the spirit and in the light.

What matters to the righteous person is the light of understanding, truth, the joy of living, creativity, helping others, kindness, and communion with the divine presence. We may be in the world, but we are not of this world. Today, as it was with our founders, we embrace the clarity of the reasoning mind to appreciate the soundness, fairness and wisdom of our divinely inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights. We don’t need a personal agenda or “new” ideology because we are satisfied with the Constitutional framework as it is. It would work just as the founders envisioned in their highest ideal if the tares of this world would quit distorting it and twisting it to suit their peculiar self-interested agendas and ideologies.