Transformation & Transcendence


“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

The shadow of the worldly illusion is a darkness which requires spiritual light to expose the threat it poses to our lives, especially to our spiritual life and soul. To recognize the nature of this threat, we must first realize there are things in this life we do not fully understand and there are hateful people and evil beings in this world who want to do us harm if we are not in sync with their perspectives and intentions.


Following the baptism, Jesus Christ ventured into the desert to fast for 40 days. According to the Bible, it was there that Satan tried to tempt Christ by offering Him all the kingdoms of the world, which he refused by saying, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” And neither is our kingdom of this world!


The real reason we are in the world is: to awaken to our spiritual nature within; to purify and fortify our spirit and soul by living our life in the Light; and to realize our Divine-Self within so we can emulate Christ and experience the peace, inspiration and joy of life as God intended. The major obstacles preventing the conscious self from awakening to its Divine-Self is a combination of our endless worldly desires, our ignorance regarding the worldly illusion, and the reality that the ego-persona of most people in the world does not believe there is anything higher or smarter than itself.


The vast majority of people in the world spend their lives in the worldly illusion communicating with other people and seeking personally fulfilling entertainment. In other words, people spend all their time looking outward into the worldly illusion seeking pleasure and seeking validation from others, and seldom, if ever, do they stop to consider who they really are. Aside from family and work responsibilities, people are more concerned about what is going on in the world, what other people think about them, and trying their best to be cool so they feel acceptable and accepted.


Under these circumstances, it is safe to assume that most people have never had an experience of their spiritual Self, because their personal ego-identity is locked into the illusions, distractions, busyness, and delusions of the world. To me, this is the most unrecognized and profound tragedy existing in humanity today, and what is so troubling regarding this situation, is people do not even feel or recognize the forces which are keeping them enslaved in this worldly illusion.


This spiritual tragedy in humanity will only be resolved when people awaken and realize how empty, sad and meaningless their lives really are in the worldly illusion. When there is sufficient pain, sorrow, and emptiness from their neglect of their God-Self, they will realize the importance of spiritual nourishment and crave the internal peace and solace it brings. Hopefully, at some point, they will realize that light and spirit are Life and the worldly illusion is the realm of darkness and self-centeredness which deplete and exhaust one’s life-force, and lead people astray.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know


The material realm is a sensually enticing field in which the illusory luciferic forces work through seduction and entrapment. (I say illusory because these forces are divine light that has been twisted and distorted by the perverted will of others; they don’t exist except by the combined force of that will). The strongest of the seductive forces is sexuality which, in reality, is spiritual energy misdirected downward into the body; excessive sexual activity depletes one’s life-force and dulls the mind making one more susceptible to the negative animal impulses, dark desires and urges of the body.


Aside from the lust of sex and sexual perversion, the seductive and adversarial luciferic forces include: lust for personal power, especially the kind in which people believe they are god-like; a godless life of comfort and ease in material luxury; the sensual stupor of drugs and alcohol; the empowerment and worldly knowledge through technological devices; and self-centered fame, greed, and arrogance.


The problem here is that people become so enthralled and entranced with these seductive technological and worldly experiences they never turn their attention away from the worldly illusion; this is like the hypnotic tele-screen in the book 1984; like your cellphone, it scrambles consciousness. These, so-called, pleasant and sensuous sensations are empty and illusory experiences of non-being; they add nothing of value to the beingness of our self and soul, only darkness, despair and emptiness.


Aside from Lucifer, there is Satan and everyone knows that Satan’s greatest trick is to make people believe he doesn’t exist; this is one of the primary objectives of Satan. Satan preys upon evil people and will draw them in as much as they will let him. He does not and cannot prey upon the righteous, the virtuous and the faithful; he is respectful of those who live in the Light of Christ. Satan understands that the awakening of humanity to the peace and insights of spiritual experience through the presence of the Christ Spirit would end the reign of the worldly satanic forces and all the useful idiots who work for them.


At present, these adversarial forces are utilizing the marvels and advancements of modern technology as a way to not only embed the human mind into the worldly illusion, but also to push it even deeper into unconsciousness through the entertaining enticements of virtual reality (Smart phones, social media, gaming, AI, etc.). People have no comprehension of how it is altering their brain; take a week or two of vacation from technology and your phone and see what happens.


People with Smart phones are enticed with the illusion of “worldly empowerment” having knowledge at their fingertips, and they do have it, except it is “bytes of information” that’s a “mile wide and an inch deep;” it is certainly not the kind of knowledge that makes one wise. This kind of spontaneous interaction with techno-information also dampens one’s desire to read books, to find quiet time in nature, or to meditate; somehow “screen-time” technology eliminates a person’s desire for self-improvement.


The greatest danger is to young people and young adults who experience the material world primarily through the virtual world of the internet without actually making conscious contact with life or people. For these young people, this isolation of their minds from real life experiences and real people presents a distorted perception of life which is causing their mental and psychological nature to atrophy rather than to develop along the lines that nature and life intended.


True self-conscious awareness comes from real life experiences with other human beings who have different perceptions, insights, feelings, and knowledge; processing this new and varied information from our personal encounters with others changes our psychology and broadens our worldview. It also comes from spending quiet time in our purified and enlightened psychological/spiritual nature reflecting upon our personal experiences with others, our conscious self, our talents and capabilities, and the meaning and purpose of life.


Consider for a moment how much of one’s daily life is spent in the worldly illusion, such as: time on a Smart phone; time on social media; time texting and tweeting; time gaming or gambling; time watching TV; and time surfing the internet, etc. Most of this spent time is from trying to avoid boredom; boredom is practically non-existent in creative activities, real life experiences and adventures. With the exception of work and school – what is actually being accomplished or what real value is added to one’s life with all this spent time?


The diagram below is of the Tree of Life superimposed over the human body. The enticing and seductive luciferic forces of the world come through our lower nature; the primal drives of self-preservation, self-gratification, and self-image, in Red. The delusional and hypnotic effects on the brain and nervous system come from the satanic forces at work in technology. In the subtle deceptions of Satan, people are not conscious of how they are being manipulated or how their consciousness and nervous system is being altered through their 24/7 connection to the WWW.



Technology is meant to be used as a tool to benefit humanity in productivity, communications, and health. Technology is not meant to be an addictive tool used for behavioral modification for commercial purposes, mass surveillance, or for the suppression of free speech and control of the masses to achieve nefarious political agendas. People are in the worldly illusion for the majority of their waking hours; they do not realize their Divine-Self is “withering on the vine” for lack of attention.


This is exactly what the dark and sinister adversarial forces want – for people to remain asleep, unconscious, and unconcerned. The so-called masters of the universe, who are only manipulators of materiality, know they have captivated people’s attention as well as their personal data, but they don’t care. Their only interest is acquiring power and money from the data and controlling people like sheep through the content of their devices.


This action corresponds with the luciferic and satanic forces which want everyone to remain passive, unconscious and unconcerned in the darkness of the worldly illusion so they can add more clueless souls to their ranks. Personal salvation can only come from making a disciplined and focused effort to disengage from the world, at least until you become conscious of its seductive and brain-deadening dangers. Escaping this enticing and deceptive illusion is what the movie The Matrix was about! Awaken and take action before you sink back into the unconsciousness of the worldly illusion! Remember, our kingdom is not of this world!


Below is the diagram representing our spiritual being in the physical body.


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