The Contemplative Path


Ascending Consciousness in the Tree of Life – Part 2

The following paper presents new insights on the ascension of consciousness in the Tree of Life and chakra system – from the animal nature, through the psycho-cognitive, into the Presence of God. These new insights offer a different perspective on Stages 1 & 2 meditation and reveal the subtle realities in the higher consciousness of meditation. This paper also discusses the Light World from which Christ came and the Life World from which the Holy Spirit teaches those who seek the Truth. For my readers to fully understand this paper, it is necessary to read Tree of Life first .

The most eye-opening realization to come from my research of the Kabbalah was recognizing why the central focal point of the Sefirot or Tree of Life is focused in the solar plexus called Beauty or Tiferet in Hebrew. In the couple of dozen books I read on the Kabbalah, nowhere was it mentioned the significance of why this was the focal point. (See diagram below) Some authors arbitrarily referred to Tiferet, as being located in the solar plexus, others located it in the heart center, and others drew a large circle to encompass both, but no one mentioned this discrepancy or elaborated on why they chose one center over the other. I placed this question “on a back shelf” while I worked out the particulars distinguishing the Kabbalah’s descending Tree of Life from my ascending Tree of Consciousness. Twenty or so years ago, I had already worked out an ascending system of meditation which I was practicing when the Kabbalah “fell into my lap.” Coincidently, the Sefirot and this meditation system fit together seamlessly, and what brought them together was the answer I was pondering about Tiferet and the solar plexus.

The Zohar, the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah, describes how this particular configuration of the Tree of Life is the matrix of the body of Adam, the primordial human; a multi-dimensional, universal form conceived in the image and likeness of God, the Creator. The teachings of The Zohar explain the relationship between the supernal realm and the seven centers below the abyss as well as the male/female values on each level; for these details, see Tree of Life Part 1. As explained above, the most revealing and significant feature in this diagram is the placement of Tiferet or Beauty in the solar plexus. The reality of this solar chakra center is telling – the first and third (solar plexus) chakras rotate in a clockwise manner; clockwise rotation represents “manifestation into matter.” All the other chakras rotate in a counter-clockwise ascending direction.*1

In the energetic systems of the body, it makes perfect sense that the first and third chakra centers would be the focal points for the descending Tree of Life which brings “matter into manifestation.” The significance of this chakra in the Sefirot emphasizes the solar plexus’ central role in the historical integration of humanity into a physical body, which has been evolving for millennia, along with the evolution of the structures of consciousness. The matrix of the human form ultimately reached its pre-destined, evolutionary fulfillment in which this body could receive the Spirit of Christ in the human form of Jesus, thus establishing a new spiritual destiny for the human race.

Symbolically, the solar plexus in the human body represents the astronomical symbol of the Sun; in the animal nature of the physical body, the solar plexus represents the drive for personal power; and in the psychic nature, it is the personal self-image. The solar plexus is considered to be the “brain of the body” and is the natural foundational center for a human being manifesting into the material world. This configuration sets the stage so all humans awaken in the illusion of bodily, sensual reality, and in the “ego-centric mass-mind” of humanity. This reality is what most people identify with, and this worldly experience is all people will know in life unless they awaken spiritually. See the diagram below; this Tree is altered to emphasize life below the diaphragm.

All people born into this life primarily have experiences which originate from the three chakra centers below the diaphragm in the physical, sensual body and the lower psychic nature. However, in the current advanced state of humanity, many people can think intellectually, rationally, and/or creatively, and they can, on occasion, feel sentiment, kindness, and compassion in their hearts toward others. This gives them the impression of living fully in the world. However, under these circumstances, they will not, clearly and consistently, experience the holy, sacred, or spiritual energies of higher consciousness until they truly “die” to their animal nature, ego-persona, and the shadow of the body-mind; die to who they “think they are” so they can become “who they truly are.”

Religious Christians can symbolically “die and be reborn” intellectually, morally, emotionally or because they profess their new-found beliefs, but the death and rebirth spoken of here is a mystical, internal experience which happens incrementally every day until the Spirit of Christ is realized in the Sacred Heart. The holy and divine energies reside in the Sacred Heart and are accessible, as Jesus Christ made clear, only when we truly “die and are reborn;” accessible means one has just opened the door to a new reality and starts to learn. Rebirth into higher consciousness is a much deeper experience than people are led to believe. Christians have to discover within themselves, through Christ, what He means by rebirth and what personal sacrifice is required.

The Cycles of Recapitulation

The solar center spoken of above is the primary focal point of human self-perception and corresponds with the descent or manifestation of humanity into the material world. As we grow from infancy to adulthood, the natural world feels like our home, and it is no wonder that it does. We humans are intimately connected to the natural world in our body and consciousness, from conception to adulthood and through recapitulation. The cycle of recapitulation in biology means humans repeat the evolutionary stages of the species during the embryonic development of the individual organism. This begins with the tadpole-looking sperm fertilizing the egg of the female, and in the early stages, the embryos of the fish, salamander, tortoise, chicken, and human all look alike with each having gill slits and tails. In the mid-stage, the embryos of the tortoise, chicken and human look alike, and in the late term, the chicken and human look alike. While the evolutionary recapitulation ends in the first trimester for the human, the cycle of consciousness recapitulation begins at birth.

As illustrated in the Fourth Day of Creation diagram below, there are 4 different structures of consciousness*3 humanity has passed through since entering the world of physical manifestation. In the Archaic structure, early humans were more cognizant of their interior world than of the exterior world. For them the exterior world looked like a flat background with indistinct moving blobs. This dimensionless structure of consciousness had no depth or recognizable images; archaic consciousness is how an infant perceives the world. This is the beginning of consciousness recapitulation in the human. By the time the infant reaches childhood, the world has come alive and the child slowly discovers, tastes, and interacts with nature and the objects of the world. To the child, nature is magical like a fantasy-land with cartoon-like characters and “make-believe beings.” This is the Magical structure of consciousness; the adolescent experiences the Mythical structure, and the adult reaches maturity in the Mental. (See Perceptions: for all the structures from the beginning of humanity or go to sub-heading Recapitulation for the stages of human development)

The cycles of recapitulation occur throughout Creation: recapitulation occurs between the cosmic days of creation where, as in the night between the days, there is rest, reorganization, and regeneration before entering into manifestation which initiates the cycle of recapitulation; it occurs at the beginning of the seven terrestrial days of the Earth in the Fourth Cosmic day; it happens at the beginning of each new life for everyone when we transition through the 4 stages of development from infancy to maturity; and at the end of this cycle, we begin living our new destiny which produces new karma. As explained below, recapitulation is also an important function in the ascending meditation process as it maintains the focus and progression of an awakening consciousness.


In the evolutionary cycle, it was intended that by the time the physical body matured, simultaneously, the individual would mature and awaken to personal self-awareness which takes place in the solar plexus; this would conclude the cycle of recapitulation and would be the beginning of new destiny in the life experiences for the individual. However, in our contemporary world, most mature people remain clueless as to who they are because of the adverse ramifications of technology and the attraction to materialism. Although people today are enthralled with their ego self-image, they are lost in what the Gnostic teachings referred to as the “counterfeit-spirit.”

Remember, it takes over two decades for a human to reach maturity, and during this time, we are impacted with positive/negative and confused/distorted worldly experiences which imprint us emotionally, mentally, and sometimes scar us physically. The ego-personality begins to emerge in adolescence, and by the time we mature, we are supposed to be stable and self-aware. However, many of today’s young adults are thoroughly confused from weak and/or inadequate guidance in their early years and from a rapidly changing ego-centric technological culture. Thus, the ego/body-mind ends up dominating and controlling their life experiences because “they don’t know what they don’t know.” Without realizing it, they have allowed for family, friends, technology, and local culture as well as their own ignorance, fears and insecurities to imprint, influence, and form their “ego-personality” and perception of the world.

Most people have no idea as to who they truly are! A person who is not conscious of their consciousness will be a captive in the illusion of the world because they are not conscious; they are: driven by their ego-personality, enslaved to the instinctual, impulses, primal fears, and desires of their animal body, and subject to the erratic swing of emotions, moods and despair in the emotional psychic nature. On a daily basis, most people’s attention is often scattered, distracted, or day-dreaming because the “chattering-mind” is constantly yakking in their head about innumerable trivial incidents occurring in their life or in the world around them. This distracting worldly consciousness comes from being in the physical, sensual world of materiality; this is where the attention of the body-mind/ego-personality of a person is focused.

In other words, the “chattering-mind” holds a person’s attention captive in the illusion of the world through a continuous stream of distractions: sensations in the body, sensual input from the 4 senses in the head, desires and enticements from the world, self-esteem issues, worries and anxieties about personal matters, and of course, the Smart-phone. As long as the ego/body-mind maintains this kind of control of a person’s attention, it has complete power over his or her life. A person’s conscious attention can be either focused or diffused; the synonyms for diffused are scattered, weak, and less brilliant. In terms of living a life, this is the most mundane and materialistic level of life experience; this is life below the diaphragm. This is the world most people are trapped in.

Occasionally, we hear a person exclaim, “People don’t change.” This is a true statement because people are unable to change who they are once they mature. When we mature, the ego-personality is set and we will die as this same person because we are stuck in the illusion of the world and in the delusion of who we think we are. People cannot change who they are because they don’t know who they are. To truly change, people need to dig down deep inside and find out who they really are before they can judge what change is necessary. Change only comes when a person makes the decision to be more; it does not come from changing their “social mask,” their hair-do, or moving to a new location.

People who are willing to take responsibility for their lives can determine who they are and what kind of experience they will have in life. As stated above, we have to become conscious of consciousness. Through conscious-breathing and meditation, a person can learn how to focus his or her conscious attention. Right now, the reader’s “focused-attention” is on these words. The idea is to learn how to control the focused-attention which is the “rudder” that controls the life experience. Through a simple exercise of keeping one’s conscious attention focused on connected-breathing, and learning to sit quietly, one can gradually awaken from this captive state; this puts us in touch with who we really are. By becoming self-aware or conscious of consciousness, a person can rise to higher levels of life experience.

Stage 1- Tree Meditation Knowledge

According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we now understand God as the Macrocosm and the individual human being as the Microcosm. In a given lifetime, when one’s consciousness enters into life in a physical body, what is manifested in the body is consciousness as mind in the triune-nature of knowing, thinking, and doing. This means consciousness in the physiology of the body is expressed as the body-mind, and in the lower psychic nature it is present as the emotional or feeling-mind and the lower desire-mind; these 3 minds combined with the body are referred to as our Doing-self. In the higher psycho-cognitive, the minds of Reason and Rightness or conscience are present as the Thinking-self; and for those who have transformed the lower energies, the feeling/desire minds are present in the higher psychic as pure feeling and purified desire. In our spiritual nature or God-Self are the minds of Self-Knowledge and Self-Identity of our Knowing-Self. These are the active/passive minds of our triune nature. See diagram below.

In the diagram above, the body-mind engages the world and “becomes” the world, through the: impulses, instincts and desires of the animal body, ego-personality, chattering-mind and voice of the shadow-self, and the desires and feelings of the lower psychic. The body-mind consciousness has the ability to take all these aspects of the lower sensual nature and give them a “sense of identity” which it borrows from the Self-Identity of the Knower: we know this “fake-identity” as our ego-personality. For the vast majority of people, this “false sense of self” of the ego-personality is who they think they are. Since the body-mind/ego-personality is identified with the lower aspects of our physical, sensual nature, it is only interested in selfishly obtaining what it deems to be the pleasurable enticements of the world, whether they are emotional or physical.

The purpose of Stage 1 Meditation is to challenge the ego-illusion, the “chattering-mind,” and the animal nature. This chattering ego-mind keeps people locked into the illusions of the elemental body and world, while ignoring the reality of the higher Self. Just to make a point with the reader… close your eyes and focus on keeping the chattering-mind completely quiet for 60 seconds. Most people are unable to do this simple task which shows how little control they have over their ego/body-mind. Try it for a short period of time and see how relentlessly the chattering-mind of the ego fights any effort to diminish its power through self-discipline. The knowledge about the animal nature-body and step-by-step meditation instructions are in Stage 1 so I am not going to repeat them.

However, I would like to make my readers aware of the challenges they will face from their own animal nature and ego/body-mind consciousness when beginning to meditate. All of our life-long habitual patterns, desires and pleasurable attachments of the animal body and ego/body-mind are deeply programmed into each person’s autonomic nervous system. Consequently, anyone who is starting or restarting the practice of meditation, will encounter stiff opposition from the primal nature and ego/body-mind. The first step in Stage 1 is learning conscious, focused, connected-breathing; this is the first step in taking control of the body.

At the start, the chattering-mind will immediately begin yakking about: how boring meditation is; how dark it is inside the body; what a waste of time it is; time will seem to slow; the body will start to itch and feel sleepy; and it will be hard to focus on connecting the breaths because of restlessness and mind-chatter. These are the barriers and obstacles the animal body/body-mind interjects into the meditation session in an attempt to make one quit. If a person quits at this point, the ego and animal nature wins, and one sinks deeper into the illusion of the world. Better that a person not even begin than to allow this to happen.

When one has persisted and passed through this “dark veil” of bodily obstacles, the next step is to imagine a small sun in the lower abdomen behind the navel, that is, midway between the spine and the navel; this is the center for subduing the animal nature which must be successfully accomplished in order to reach higher consciousness. Breathe and be still in this light center, and allow for the impulses, urges, and desires of the animal nature to cycle through this cleansing light like the water in a pool cycles through the pool filter; become aware of these energies.

Purify this lower energy and detach your conscious self from it and from the world. Our attachments to the animal body and to the world are like strands of light emanating from this sun and connecting to these lower desires, to people, and to pleasurable enticements in the world. Focus and work to disengage the light and breath from these worldly attachments so one can experience wholeness of being. As the body-mind is withdrawn from the world, the conscious self experiences freedom from these animal impulses which captivated the body-mind.

The greatest accomplishments of Stage 1 Meditation are two-fold, the first is getting free of the animal impulses and desires of the body. The animal drives are still in the body, but they no longer compel us since we freed the conscious self from these primal drives. Like a fish that is pulled out of the water and dropped back in, the meditation experience enables us to disengage from the animal nature thereby recognizing what it feels like to be free of these crude desires and impulses. The second accomplishment comes when we “withdraw our light and breath” from the world.

In the first stage of meditation, one should recognize how strands of conscious light connect to our bodily desires; when we think of these attachments, our breath goes to the object, situation, or person of our desires. When internal  “self-containment” is accomplished, we are no longer connected to the body’s drives as we were in the past; the body-mind begins to withdraw from worldly matters and is contained in the consciousness of the Doing-self, as illustrated in the diagram above. If one reaches this point, the body-mind is now “in the world, but not of it.” This is the beginning of consciousness literally ascending up the Tree of Life.

Stage 2 - Tree Meditation Knowledge

Humans are spiritual beings living in an animal body so we can integrate with the sensual reality of the material world to experience existence; existence is why God created Creation. Christ made it clear that although we are living in this world, we are not of this elemental world. So, for anyone wanting to become aware of their spiritual nature, regardless of their religious or spiritual affiliations, they must first free themselves from the drives of the animal body; this is the first rule of spiritual development.

With the completion of Stage 1 work, we change our internal focus from the animal nature of the body to the lower psychic nature. In other words, we change the focus of our attention from the small sun in the navel to the big sun in the solar plexus. The same connected breathing continues in Stage 2-1, but our attention turns first toward calming and stabilizing our emotional issues by putting them into the “light of our focused-attention.” As this work progresses, the shadow-self, our personal unconscious will be revealed. (See: The Shadow) When the bodily energies and the distractions of the emotions have been subdued, we are able to perceive the subtler energies of the shadow-self. It is necessary to understand the psychological knowledge about the fragments of the shadow or personal unconscious so these issues can be resolved one by one. When the hidden fragments of the personality have been brought into the light and resolved, we gradually rise to a higher level of consciousness and wholeness.

The stages of meditation begin in the physical body and advance to the more subtle bodies so each stage seamlessly merges into the next. When the lower emotions are properly refined and purified, and the shadow issues resolved, the next step in Stage 2-1 deals with the dual attributes of the human psyche expressed as feeling and desire which are feminine and masculine or passive and active aspects. This means that within each female, her subjective nature is masculine, and within each male, his subjective nature is feminine. Another way of stating this is, “in the man, the woman is hidden, and in the woman, the man is hidden.” In analytical psychology, the subjective side of the man is considered to be his anima or feminine characteristics, and in the woman, the subjective is the animus or her masculine characteristics.

It is helpful in meditation to think of anima/animus as being below the diaphragm and feeling/desire as above it. The anima/animus energies are the subjective, negative attributes of feeling/desire and can account for a significant portion of the shadow-self. In meditation, the man needs to turn the light of attention on his anima and the woman on her animus so these shadow energies are brought into the light and resolved; this also means emotions are removed from feeling and lower sexual desires are removed from desire. When this is accomplished, true feeling/desire is revealed; then they can be properly known.

The second part of Stage 2 begins when purified feeling/desire can pass into the higher psychic waters above the diaphragm. In the symbolism of the Bible, the verses of Genesis 1:6-10 refer to the higher and lower psychic nature, that is, the upper “psychic waters” are distinguished from the lower “psychic waters” of the body. In the NRSV of the Bible Genesis 6-7: And God said, "Let there be a dome (our diaphragm) in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters. 7- So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome.” See Stage 2 for a complete explanation of this verse.

By this time, the meditation practioner should be able to hold the light of attention steady and know deep inner peace in order to sense feeling/desire in the Sacred Heart. This will enable one to consciously hold steady feeling/desire for the purpose of these two merging together. This union is the sacred marriage of the masculine/feminine; meaning Adam and Eve, who have been side by side from the beginning, are now facing each other. This meditation is bringing them together in a “loving embrace” which is experienced by the practioner as “wholeness of being.” This is the goal of Stage 2-2.

In addition, the transformation of the lower psychic puts feeling/desire into the correct relationship with reason/rightness or conscience. For the unawakened person, typically, desire stimulates feeling which then acts without thinking, and feeling will often stimulate desire which satisfies itself without discretion. Now that the lower psychic has been purified and transformed, this pattern of response is changed. Now, a desire will first move to conscience to determine the rightness of the desire. If it is approved, the desire moves to reason which issues the desire to feeling, so feelings are now guided by reason. In the case of feeling, feelings now pass through reason which adds common sense and discretion, and then passes the feelings to rightness so clear and proper feelings move to stimulate desire into action. This new arrangement works because the lower feelings and desires have been transformed and removed, so purified feelings/desires now operate in the higher psychic under the influence of the Sacred Heart. This is what it means for one to be conscious of consciousness.

The conscious experience in the Stage 2 heart meditation is the highest spiritual awareness experienced by the personal self. This experience awakens a sense of wholeness within our personal self and is literally the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven within; this experience becomes the foundation or “departure point” for selflessly crossing the abyss and entering into Spiritual Knowing. In Stage 3, the union of the purified heart and noetic consciousness becomes the center and highest impersonal or selfless meditation experience in the Presence of God.

In this spiritual consciousness, we “let go” of the personal self so we can experience sublime stillness, creative inspiration, and knowing within the Divine Presence. To use an analogy, it is the flame in the heart which sends warm currents of inspiration to the brain; and these currents sync with the brain to establish a link between the heart and divine knowing in the spiritual consciousness. Without the heart being in resonance, synchronicity and coherence with the brain, higher consciousness would be elusive and beyond our ability to discern. A heart troubled by personal matters cannot properly cross the abyss; it may cross, but it will end up in the chattering-mind. A person must be clear and peaceful in the heart and selfless in perception to experience the Father’s Holy Presence.

Stage 3 - Tree Meditation Knowledge

In the Sefirot, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, there are numerous theories as to what the presence of Da’at means, especially since it is not one of the ten sefirah; explanations from several authors were offered in Part 1. From my own knowledge and meditation experiences, I perceive Da’at to represent experiential knowledge & will. Among Kabbalistic authors, these are the two qualities most often attributed to Da’at, but my explanation is entirely different as to why it is there and what function it serves. 

In the descending Tree of Life, Da’at generally rests passively in the abyss at the throat as if it is waiting to be awakened or fulfilled. In symbolic terms, it is placed in the position of being a mediator between the heart and head. I do agree with the authors who consider Da’at to be a reflection of Keter or Divine Will. In the spiritual anatomy of the body, Da’at clearly has the attribute of will, but in the descending Tree it is represented as being passive, and in a sense, “not present.” In the ascending Tree, the throat chakra represents self-expression of the word; and in terms of our mental faculties, it represents motive and will. To me, these are reflections of the Divine Will in the human will.

Several months ago, in a meditation on the Sacred Heart, as I was quietly focused on feeling the presence of the Christ Light in this chakra center, I suddenly sensed an “energetic movement” within, and observed a spontaneous union of Will and the Sacred Heart like two magnets being drawn together. This felt like a completion of some kind, as if the Sacred Heart had been given the means, through Will, to control its occasional flightiness and musings about life situations which trigger the chattering-mind. For those who don’t know, although thoughts are issued from the cerebrum, most thinking takes place in the heart and lungs; this can be recognized by noticing increased respiration when thinking about something fearful. At this unique moment, I also realized the importance of the merging of the will and heart centers as a “tool” to maintain the appropriate stillness in the heart to “cross the abyss.” This newly enhanced center of the Will/Sacred Heart is illustrated in the Stage 3 Meditation diagram below.


In Stage 3 meditation, the Abyss, as a metaphor, functions as the “gate-keeper” for those wanting to pass into the heavenly regions. The Abyss is a significant feature in the Kabbalistic Sefirot, as it represents the “chasm in the Void” between the Garden of Eden and the manifested world or between the heavenly realms and the material world. The Abyss is also mentioned in the Bible in Luke 16:19-31 in the story of Lazarus, the beggar and the rich man. These are verses 22-26, “So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and was buried. And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off and Lazarus on his bosom. “Then he cried and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.’ But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented. And besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to pass from here to you cannot, nor can those from there pass to us.” Through individual initiative, the Tree of Life meditation prepares one for a mystical union or a deep awareness of the divine presence of God, the Father as Jesus taught when He said, “I and my Father are one,” follow me.

The second characteristic of Da’at is referred to as experiential knowledge. In my understanding, the essence of experiential knowledge is in our soul; as I will explain. The 4-Fold Human Body diagram below has been on this site since 2003 with an explanation of the soul – as being active as the breath and passive as the form of the soul which is composed of essential-matter, that is, invisible, super-refined matter that is not yet light. The passive form of the soul is continuously imprinted with the experiences we have in the four states of being. Technically, in the diagram below are the: corporeal, psychic, cognitive, and radiant states of being and soul. (See: Being and Soul)

However, the soul/being could also be represented as being three-fold, i.e., in the physical, psycho-cognitive, and spiritual just as well. In reality, the soul is one form comprised of our thoughts, words, and actions being imprinted on it in the subtle bodily states in which the action takes place; this imprinting of experiences in the bodily states is what produces being. The union of this experiential knowledge and the Sacred Heart represents the highest expression of who we are as an individual; this is our gift to God for the gift of life He gave to us. Our soul is eternal, it represents the essence of our being from many life experiences, and it is present with us from life to life; I speak from personal experience. The purpose of each new life is to gain the necessary lessons and experiential knowledge which helps us to awaken to our God-Self within.

Humanity’s New Destiny

The diagram below represents the human triune consciousness in the image and likeness of God, the Holy Trinity. The upper circle is the invisible element of Fire (see corresponding fire in diagram above); this is the Light World which is the Presence of God, the Father, and it is the Light of our Spiritual Self – our Knower. The second circle is the Life World (Air) which is the activity of the Holy Spirit as breath and life; this is our Holy Self – our Thinker. The bottom circle is the Form World (Water) which is our lower and higher psychic nature; along with the physical body, this is our Human self – our Doer. The conscious states in the Ascending Tree of Life meditation diagrams above correspond with the conscious states in the Human Triune Consciousness diagram below; I want to make sure the reader takes note of this.

Jesus was born in the physical world in a human body configured like the primordial Adam. This human form and the senses have been evolving since it “fell” into elemental manifestation; and consciousness has been evolving through dimensional structures as the body-mind and senses awakened to these new realities. It was very significant that Jesus was in this physical body at the time he was baptized and the Christ Spirit entered into his body. This changed the destiny of humanity as the son of man and the Son of God became one. Christ came from the Light World into the Physical World through the body of Jesus to spread His message and to free humanity of their ancestral/tribal consciousness. Christ came to earth when humanity was in the Mythical structure of consciousness; at that time, people experienced tribal or community consciousness, but were not yet self-conscious. (See Fourth Cosmic Day diagram above)

A comparitive example… Stages 1 & 2 meditation are a focused process for clearing, cleansing, and transforming our animal nature and lower psychic so we are prepared to enter higher consciousness. Those who enter this path know how much focus, time, and commitment are required to identify, correct and remove the errors and misconceptions we have accumulated in this short span of our lives. By comparison, Jesus Christ santified and freed all of humanity by taking on the collective sins of the lower psychic nature and the dark unconscious primal impulses of the body and absolved these from the “collective consciousness and flesh of humanity.”

Those who accepted Him as the Saviour were freed from their ancestral/tribal consciousness, their souls were purified, and they were “made ready” for the next structure of consciousness – individual self-conscious awakening in the Mental structure of consciousness. By 1500 A.D. enough individual souls were experiencing this new conscious awakening that the whole world experienced the Renaiassance, during which many of humanity experienced the awakening of the mental, third-dimensional spatial reality of human experience. This new dawning of consciousness was also the awakening of the ego-mind which enthusiastically embraced external reality in the form of scientific discoveries and the enticements of materialism. Today, the ego-mind stands between humanity and the next structure of consciousness – the Christ or Cosmic consciousness. Jesus Christ gave us the example of how we enter this consciousness, we ascend in consciousness by having a heart that is pure, humble and loving; and by being clear and selfless in our personal perception.

The 4 Worlds of Creation

Toward the end of His mission, Jesus Christ told his disciples that He was returning to His Father, He said, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” Christ understood that His disciples were not yet self-conscious; and He knew that humanity would be experiencing individual self-conscious reality in the future. Essentially, Christ was saying that if He didn’t go, no one would seek higher knowledge because everyone would look to Him for it. He knew humans were destined to awaken individually and internally to their own God-given potential – in the image and likeness of God. The first Adam “fell” and Jesus Christ, the second Adam, was raised from the dead and ascended back to the Light World.

The Life World is the world of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter; it is the breath of life within the human. This “Living Holy breath, Holy Spirit” and mental consciousness communicates and teaches us through Reason and Rightness in our heart and conscience. Spiritual knowledge comes from contemplation in the heart, which gives reason the impetus to know the straight and narrow path between right and wrong according to the Word of Christ. He said in John 16:12-13, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth…” Jesus Christ knew humans would one day be self-conscious and capable of receiving and understanding the Truth – that we are endowed with God-given potential to realize we are divine children of the Most High. 

The Light World of the Knower is Presence, God’s omniscience. The Doer is feeling and desire in the body and emotions – feeling feels the body and emotions as desire seeks to fulfill the cravings of the body; we gain earthly knowledge from these experiences, but we must rise above the body and lower psychic to know the Spirit of Truth Christ spoke of. The Thinker within us, as Reason/Rightness, is our conscious link to the Spirit of Truth and our way of achieving Self-Realization and ascending to Christ consciousness which is the next structure of consciousness. This is what Jesus Christ meant when He said that He must return to the Light World so we could find our own destiny and awaken the spiritual potential within through the guidance from the Spirit of Truth.

In the dialog box at the bottom of this diagram, it states, “The Spiritual & Holy Self are connected, but do not reside in the body.” This is the paradox of the Ascending Tree of Life… as we ascend upward in the  body through purification and transformation of consciousness, we draw the Holy Trinity downward into our body and consciousness. As we purify “our vessel,” the Christ Spirit can enter it the way He entered the body of Jesus. This is just one of the revelations that await those who seek the Truth; the content of this website comes from my daily communion with the Spirit. As Jesus said, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.” Those who hear the call to enter the way of life, are now at the point of being able to bear the Spirit of Truth.

Recapitulation & Breathing

In the meditation experience, the Will/Sacred Heart center is the highest spiritual state of the personal self; it is also the “staging” point where all the subtle energies are gathered together, refined and stabilized in preparation to ascend into the supernal consciousness. The Will/Sacred Heart center is the culmination and completion of the previous stages of meditation work. In this stage, we focus on this new center of conscious being which embodies: the essence of soul from the lower levels; the awakening selfless love of Christ in the heart; and a reflection of Divine Will above. It is also a mediator between the “Father and Mother,” Chockmah and Binah in the Sefirot, which “unite in mystery” in this Sacred Heart center resulting in the renewal and regeneration of the Tree of Life.

To achieve this level of consciousness is a monumental task; to be able to hold it steady requires steadfast commitment and a certain degree of self-mastery over the lower nature of the body. Many hours are spent learning to control and manage the instinctual, sensual body and the lower psychic nature. Meditation and breathing habits are formed and knowledge is realized on each of these levels. The realizations on each of these levels are realizations about our soul and being in the physical and in the lower and higher psychic natures.

Anyone meditating at this level already has a breathing cycle established, but I would like to add another technique. When this level of consciousness is achieved, it is recommended that at the beginning of a meditation session, for one to practice what I call “breathing recapitulation.” Since most of our time is spent in daily activities, when we begin to meditate, it is necessary to calm the body and clear the lower body/mind; this is what connected-breathing does. When starting conscious breathing, focus on the area behind the navel and remember – a healthy breath pushes the diaphragm downward which massages the internal organs and draws the vital energies into the lower abdomen.

As the breath reaches full capacity it will begin to rise upward in the body. Follow the tingling energy of the breath upward from the navel center to the solar plexus chakra, on to the heart, throat, middle of the head, and finally to the crown chakra on top of the head; imagine these nerve centers as being perfectly aligned as the breath moves to the top of the head. During the exhale, it feels as if the vital energies shower down on the body; they are passively descending through the vagus nerve, stimulating and nourishing the organs of the body. At the same time the new breath begins in the lower abdomen, imagine the breath crossing “the bridge” of the perineum and connecting with the base of the spine. (Diagram below) When the breath is nearing fullness, it will begin to rise into a new cycle; let it do so naturally.

Breathe this cycle until the body is relaxed and this cycle is on “auto-pilot.” Recapitulation continues by scanning the physical body for tension or stress; breathe into these areas until the obstructions are gone; do the same in the emotions of the lower psychic. Now scan for the presence of the shadow in the body/mind; it is generally present as negativity or lower desires/emotions somewhere. The shadow is like the “little devil” pictured on our left shoulder, whispering in our ear; it triggers the chattering–mind and the chattering-mind triggers and disturbs the heart.

This recapitulation and breathing cycle is clearing and purifying our soul and being in the lower levels of consciousness below the diaphragm and preparing one to selflessly enter into the Divine Presence of God in the Light World. This stage of meditation, recapitulation, and breathing is also the beginning of bodily purification, resurrection and the ascension of the soul; this becomes the actual experience of being in the world but totally detached from it. This work, when done correctly will make for a smooth transition when one is ready to pass to the other side at the end of this life.

When the macro-cycle of breathing is smooth, and the heart is clear and still, begin to calmly breathe into the heart center. Make the heart and breath so smooth and calm they are almost undetectable. In the stillness of meditation, one should imagine this center as a perfect reflection of the God-Self, of Divine Will, of the Christ Light and when the heart is still and peaceful and one knows selflessness, let go, and like a fine vapor, float across the Abyss. This selfless state is what enables one to properly cross the Abyss into the presence of God, the Father. Learn to BE in the Presence and in the Light. BEING in the Presence is oneness with God; this is the highest goal of Christian meditation.


The diagram*2 above of nerve ganglia, which includes the vagus nerve,
shows the path of how the vital energies rise and descend in the body;
the breath follows one’s attention and the vital energies follow the breath.
This diagram shows the spinal column rising to the brain and the vagus
 nerve or front nature-cord descending and vitalizing the organs.
In the future, the nerve ganglia of the body will be connected
at the “bridge,” but for now, we guide the breath and
vital energies across the bridge and back up the spine.


There are people all over the world who read this website. I do not know what level of understanding or what depth of spiritual experience a reader might have. What I do know is that we are all reading from the same “book” – the Book of Life. This book is comprised of the miraculous physiological, psychological, mental, and spiritual systems of the human body which was created in the image and likeness of God; it contains the secret knowledge of life and has the same spiritual potential as revealed to us by Jesus Christ. We simply have to get quiet and look within ourselves for this truth to come alive; each one of us, individually, must follow this ascending path of Life. Each one of us will have a slightly different understanding of this knowledge and a different experience in meditation, but be assured – the Holy Spirit will bring us all together in the Light of Christ. I know this to be true!

*1Raja & Kriya Yoga by Stephen Sturgess
2 Thinking & Destiny by Harold W. Percival
3 Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser