Transformation & Transcendence

The Descent of the Holy Spirit


The first 3 stages of meditation are all focused on the transformation of the personal self. Stage 1 is about purifying and subduing the energies of the animal nature; gathering and focusing the vital energies of the body; and purifying these vital energies until they are clear enough to perceive and connect with the lower psychic nature. Stage 2 deals with the shadow-self or the personal unconscious.


We practice shining the light of our focused-attention on the darkness of the lower psychic, revealing the fragments of our broken self. We retrieve these injured parts, heal them and bring them into the conscious light making our conscious-self whole. We then purify the lower psychic energies so we can rise above the diaphragm into the higher psychic. In Stage 3, we enter the heart center which is explained below.


Stage 4 is not about personal transformation; it is about letting go of the self and being in the Spirit. Stage 4 can only be explained relative to its relationship to the Sacred Heart as they are intertwined. Stage 4 Meditation is the fulfillment of the Sacred Heart meditation which seamlessly integrates with the Spirit. Those who have studied the three prior stages are familiar with the universal laws of correspondence (as above so below), the relationship of these stages with the Tree of Life, with the processes of alchemy, and with the symbolism of the elements.


These stages of meditation also correspond to the Eastern practices of Tai Chi and Qigong meditation in which Ching (vital energy in the Form World) is transformed into Chi (vital life in the Life World) and Chi is transformed into Shen (spirit in the Light World). See second diagram below: 3-Fold Spiritual Self. Included in the living symbolism of Stage 4 Meditation is the descent of the Holy Spirit at the baptism of Jesus Christ. This Christ meditation system on the Adamic body is universal in nature so it agrees with other spiritual systems of Self-realization.


The mysterious thing about the historical life of Jesus is, besides his birth, very little is known about his earlier life up until he begins his ministry. There are books which refer to Joseph and Mary being members of the Essene Brotherhood and that Jesus received spiritual training from the Brotherhood in his early years growing up. I also read an interesting book, The Nine Faces of Christ by Whitworth, which outlined an incredible journey Jesus took as a young man during which he received esoteric training in Egypt, initiations from the Druids, and had a variety of spiritual experiences in India with enlightened Yogi Masters.


The descriptions of the different esoteric training he received as well as the challenging life experiences he endured were viable spiritual lessons, training I am familiar with from my own life and meditation experiences. The point I am making here is that it’s very likely Jesus had spiritual training prior to being baptized. This is not to detract from the fact Jesus was obviously a highly evolved soul and destined by God to be the spiritual savior of humanity. However, the Son of Man had to be spiritually knowledgeable and mentally prepared for him to walk into the waters with John the Baptist, be baptized, and become the Son of God with the Holy Spirit descending upon Him.


After this divine transformation, He resisted Satan’s temptations, and from that point on, He demonstrated His godlike abilities, performing miracles throughout His ministry. In the “final act” of His ministry, He died, He was resurrected and He ascended; something no human had ever done. He also left us with some mysterious sayings like, “These things I do, so shall you do also and greater than these.” He also said we must walk the “straight and narrow path” and to follow Him.


Considering the possibility Jesus did live the life of a spiritual initiate, and knowing personally the 4 stages of meditation are such a path of spiritual initiation, I would like to describe the experience of consciousness transitioning through Stage 3 into Stage 4 meditation. These stages are a path of preparation for receiving the Christ light in our heart center and having it blossom into a Sacred Heart as well as receiving the Holy Spirit in Stage 4.


When Stage 3 becomes the center of awareness in our life and in our meditations, we will utilize our focused Will to maintain stability in the heart center and in our life. Our focused will and spiritual light become an impenetrable armor which shields us from the negativity and lower desires of the world. A key indicator this level of consciousness is awakening is the practitioner can be in the selfless-self and in the present moment without mind-chatter. Initially, this state is experienced while in meditation, but in time, it will be felt in the quiet parts of the day.


This obviously takes considerable meditation practice, but it is this meditation practice in the light of Christ which sanctifies the heart and awakens the Spirit. Sanctifying the heart makes it easier to realize selflessness. This means letting go of the influence the body and mind has over us – we must let the body’s influence die, so we can be reborn and free.


These are the steps to be achieved in the Sacred Heart meditation so we can be a selfless being in the Light of Christ and learn to be in the Spirit, in the present moment, every moment in our personal life! Through selflessness we begin to recognize the feeling of our divine Self; this is the beginning of Self-realization. This is the preparation one must have in order to enter into the Divine Presence of Stage 4 Meditation and receive the Holy Spirit as a son or daughter of God.


Stage 4 Meditation


At this level, it is imperative to identify and understand the difference between the energies of the body-mind, the serenity of the heart, and the promptings of Spirit. These three aspects of our being are best understood by looking at them through the levels of consciousness which are associated with the nature of the body. These transformations will open the heart to the experience of our Holy Self (diagram below) which is the Kingdom of Heaven within. Remember, we are God-beings having a human experience.



In the diagram below, the first 3 stages of transformation and meditation took place in the Physical World, the Form World, and the Life World. The Form World and the Life World are separated by the diaphragm; the separation of the waters from the waters as explained in Genesis 1:6-10 and in Stage 3. The first 3 stages are about personal transformation, meditation and breathing.


Stage 4, in the Light World, has nothing to be transformed and no exercises or meditation instructions to practice. It does require the continued use of focused-breathing to maintain calmness in the body and stillness of the mind while in meditation. At this point of our journey, we are required to patiently BE in the Sacred Heart until the radiance in our heart transforms into “perfect clarity of being,” referred to as Self-Realization. This is accomplished by doing nothing and being no-thing – only letting go and letting God until the True Self is felt.


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We are no longer in a “mode of progressing” forward toward spiritual goals; the “gears of our vehicle” are in neutral. Everything changes when we near completion in the Sacred Heart Meditation. In fact, we now take the posture of “watching and waiting.” There are spiritual states we are receptive to experiencing in Stage 4, the first and most significant is receiving the Holy Spirit, somewhat like Jesus did. However, there are no exercises that will hasten the attainment of this experience.


In addition to this, there are many passages in the Bible which refer to the gifts of the Spirit which are bestowed on the disciples. Stage 4 meditation is the opening of these possibilities for those who enter the Light World. These gifts will be unique to the individual and not something that can be explained or identified in these writings.


The diagram below represents the path of the 4 stages. This diagram has the Tree of Life superimposed over the body and chakras. What is most significant about this diagram is the Abyss we must cross. The notion of the Abyss comes from the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. In the modern Kabbalah, there is an Abyss between the three supernal Sephiroth of: Kether, Chokhmah, and Binah (the top circles on the Tree), and the seven lower Sephiroth (See: Tree of Life).


In the beginning of the Creation, when one looks at the progress of the Lightning Flash down the Tree of Life, one finds that it follows the path structure connecting Sephiroth except when it makes the jump from Binah to Chesed, thus reinforcing this idea of a “gap” or “gulf” which has to be crossed. This notion of an Abyss is extremely old and has found its way into the Kabbalah in several different forms which mixed together to form the notion of “the Great Abyss.” From Genesis, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” According to Nietzsche, “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”


To reach the Light World of Stage 4, we will cross over the Abyss when we become our True selfless Self in the stillness within. This is the conscious stillness which is infused with the Love and Light of Christ and it will long to become one with the Holy Spirit in the Light World. Let your will become one with God’s Divine Will. If you have a pure desire for this to happen, let go and let it happen. So be it, Amen.


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It makes me sad to think a great mountain will die,
That the stars will someday disappear from the sky.
Yet, when I witness the holiest gift of creation,
My heart warms with the anticipation of elevation.
For though I too am destined for ashes and dust,
When I reach for the light with the simplest trust,
The true omnipotence of a higher power,
Draws from my heart a sacred flower,
Which opens in faith to the sun in the sky,
Even as its sweet sorrow brings a tear to my eye.
Then, as I marvel at the holiness of all of creation,
Inhaling the pure fragrance of sweet elevation,
Like the mountain, being ground, down to dust,
I'm born again by the light of simple trust.
By My Wife