Transformation & Transcendence


Intelligent Light & Creative Life

The preceding paper titled Being & Becoming explains how Creation, the temporal universe, has its beginning in the spoken Word of God. There are unique qualities and characteristics in The Word which most people are unaware of – a more complete explanation of The Word is that it is the Alpha and Omega, meaning it has in itself not only the beginning and the end of Creation, but also the knowledge of everything which transpires in between.


Today humanity is in the between which is a dynamic, ever-changing transitional point of space/time and matter as the past becomes the present in the becoming Word. In this very thin evolutionary moment “atoms are transforming and transitioning” in the constant reconfiguration and restructuring of the next present moment; the becoming of humanity and the world happen every moment without fail.


Everything, all elemental matter, all 4 kingdoms of the earth, all spirits and souls, from the Alpha beginning of Creation to the Omega fulfillment, is in a constant transitional state of becoming fulfilled according to the Word of God. Those who resist the divine creative impulse separate themselves from the light-stream and the life of humanity; they become increasingly godless and unconscious within.


The Alpha/Omega Word of God contains within Itself the fullness of the 7 days of creation which are also in a constant state of becoming actualized and fulfilled. At present, we are just past the mid-point of the fourth day of Creation; the Omega is the sixth day of Creation and the fulfillment and completion of Divine Humanity. Prior to the inception of Creation, God, the Absolute, gazed into the mirror of the void and the first thing God perceived was His own Divine Nature – pre-eternal Wisdom or the Creative Life of the universe, often referred to as Divine Sophia (Proverbs 8:22-36) or in the Kaballah as Shekinah.


While gazing into the reflective stillness of the void God knew His ultimate goal in creating Creation was to create divine humanity which would represent the fullness of His Intelligent Light and Creative Life. This fullness of Light and Life is the marriage or union of Christ/Sophia or what is referred to as the union of Christ and divine humanity, that is, the manifestation of the Church of Christ. Thus, at the Omega point of Creation, the sixth day, Christ/Sophia will represent the fulfillment of Divine Humanity, and on the seventh day, God will rest and humanity will rejoice!




The feminine principle represented as Creative Life or Sophia was present in Mother Mary during the conception and birth of our Lord. Mother Mary is the purest and most exalted expression of the feminine principle in all of humanity; she too resurrected, overcoming death. For some, she is considered as the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son, and the bride of the Holy Spirit. The presence of Sophia at the conception and birth of Jesus signifies a deep and meaningful relation between Christ as Intelligent Light and Sophia as Creative Life as well as between becoming humanity and the Divine Feminine principle of Creation.


The distinguishing difference between Divine Sophia (Creative Life) and creaturely Sophia (evolving human life or beingness) is this: Divine Sophia is considered to have been with God before the beginning of Creation (See: Proverbs 8:22-36) as His Divine Creative Nature or Divine World. Whether metaphysically speaking, or in spiritual reality, Divine Sophia is the feminine principle in and of Creation and humanity. When God spoke the Creative Word of Creation, without leaving Eternity, God and Divine Sophia were present in the world and in humanity as creative life.


However, as the story of Adam and Eve represents, when humanity fell from the Edenic state into the elemental world of duality or good/evil, in Divine Sophia’s oneness with human life, a part of her divine life or beingness also fell into the world and became trapped and vulnerable to the forces of evil and misguided will, and she suffers with humanity. The Kaballah (Zohar) explains that Shekinah, the Mother, Bride, Daughter of God as the feminine principle, was the Garden whence the river of life flows forth, watering the Garden below. When Adam was expelled from Eden, Shekinah, as the Sister of Humanity was driven out also.


When humanity awakens spiritually, creaturely Sophia, the Divine feminine in humanity, is destined to be the Bride of Christ as the Church of redeemed humanity. In the Omega phase of fulfillment, the sixth day of Creation, creaturely Sophia as Divine humanity will become one in the Intelligent Light and Creative Life of God’s Divine Love. The spiritual awakening of humanity will break the worldly spell of godless secularism, sensuality, and willful greed which keeps her and humanity entrapped in the illusions of this material realm.


The paper entitled Emulating Christ emphasizes the importance of evolving spiritually by learning to emulate Christ within, after having successfully imitated Him in one’s life. The evolving path ahead for humanity is to spiritually embrace and internalize the feminine principles of Creative Life which Sophia and Mother Mary represent – virtue, selfless love, and grace. In the future, the masculine and feminine principles will become spiritually androgynous or sexless within each individual soul; gender will become irrelevant as will race.


The Second Adam & New Eve


Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ came into this world at the lowest point of our descent into the physical realm, which is the mid-point of the fourth day of Creation. Christ Jesus came as the second Adam and Mother Mary came as the new Eve. Another way of perceiving this is Christ Jesus is the divine-human archetype and Mother Mary or Sophia-Maria is the human-divine archetype. God created Adam, the divine-human archetype, from the dust of the ground (the 4 elements), in His image and likeness, and He created Eve from the androgynous Adam (not from the dust of the ground) so the male and female principles of the species would be intertwined and attracted to each other, and need one another to feel whole.


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In other words, humans would need to harmonize and unite both the masculine and feminine principles within to become whole. The body of Adam was carefully crafted knowing that one day the archetypal divine-human form would be able to receive the Christ-Spirit. This exalted form is instrumental in the redemption of humanity, preparing those of humanity, who are able, to receive the Christ-Spirit within.


Christ/Sophia is the image and likeness of God, “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created” (Genesis 5:2). Christ/Sophia consciousness is the inevitable destiny for the Children of Light – the perfect blend between masculine intelligent Light and feminine creative Life i.e. divine beingness.


The teachings, the sacrifice, and the defeat of death which Jesus Christ accomplished in the world, set us upon a new ascending path for the spiritual awakening of humanity. Obviously, for the individual soul, the reality of becoming like Christ/Sophia spiritually, mentally, and morally requires more spiritual experience, understanding and personal transformation than a single lifetime can provide. I present this notion of living multiple lives because on three separate occasions in meditation I experienced a lucid dream-like image of myself living in different times; there is no doubt in my mind.


As a whole, the human race is evolving and rapidly changing. At present, I believe the world is in the phase represented by the parable of separating the wheat from the chaff (Matthew 3:12) as well as the parable of “For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother…” (Matthew 10:35) This period of time seems to correspond to the prophecies regarding the Red Horseman of Revelation which represents the turbulent masculine forces of war, division and conflict. And as we all know, there are extreme divisions among people politically and racially around the world; and there is also a distinct ascension of the feminine principle; but at present, these feminine forces have a very militant expression to them. This is not the spiritual feminine nature humanity needs.


Sophia, metaphorically speaking, is revealed as the Creative Life of God’s Divine World; and God conceived in His Divine World the Idea of Divine Humanity as the purpose and fulfillment of Creation. As taught on this site, God is Consciousness which permeates Everything in eternity and in creation. Everything is conscious; elemental matter of the universe is conscious of its function only, whereas, any life form which has breath and spirit (in creaturely life, spirit has its seat in the blood) can be conscious as itself, from rudimentary stages of consciousness, to self-consciousness and even to oneness or divine consciousness. (See: Perception re: evolving consciousness)


The Creative Life is conscious beingness in its highest form which was present with God before the beginning as it is stated in Proverbs. In the Word, the Light of Intelligence manifests God’s grand plan, and it is the Intelligent Light (context) and Creative Life (content) which guides, manifests, and brings to fruition God’s Word in the Six Days of Creation in the fulfillment of Divine Humanity.


This ascending phase of redeemed humanity means we must awaken to the feminine principle in Sophia-Maria and embrace this reality which has been hidden as a result of the patriarchal religions. The patriarchal influence was pervasive in the initial building and early establishment of the Church, but we have evolved considerably since that time.


God intends for both the masculine and feminine principles to develop and flourish together into the future so that we individuals become one-Humanity. Jesus Christ, the God-Man and Mother Mary as the woman-divine are the role-models for the spiritual Christian. Creaturely humanity must become spiritualized and divine in Christ/Sophia through the Holy Spirit and begin the ascending journey to the fulfillment of The Word.




It is the perceiving of light, life, and love which turns the soul into spirit, like elements into oxygen;
And it is this wind which exalts and then returns the wholeness to its ever-present origin.
Round and round and round in a great, endless cycle of night and day and pleasure and pain,
We sow and reap our lives upon the earth as the wind is gathering clouds and making rain;
And there is nothing better for us than to think of such true beauty and let it lead us to a higher place,
As we consciously transform our own dust and wind into the oxygen of grace.