Transformation & Transcendence




Most of the knowledge that is available and credible on cosmology gives us a perspective on the beginning of life in symbolic and allegorical terms. The Creation mythology in which God created heaven and earth in the beginning of time is common to most of the cultures in the world. Consequently, the mythological stories from around the world, including Genesis, have been an attempt by the best and brightest minds of the day to explain the origin of life, but they are nevertheless, interpolated, culturally influenced, imaginative illustrations of our early beginnings. Even though these ruminations regarding cosmic history help us to understand the context of our journey through the universe, in fact, there are more important questions to be addressed. 


Because of the various physical limitations in this elemental universe, including the lack of verifiable documents, we may not be able to know for certain what actually happened in the beginning. However, through the process of deductive thinking combined with an understanding of living symbolism, we can get a handle on why we are here which is far more relevant spiritually. The specific answers we do need come from tackling these questions: who are we, what is the manner of our creation, where are we on this journey, where are we going, why are we here, and what is our responsibility? From these answers, we can synthesize and correlate a variety of knowledge as well as living symbolism in order to arrive at an allegorical and symbolic story that makes sense.


Regardless of the variations in the Creation mythologies, it is generally believed that humanity had a divine origin. The Greeks describe Creation as originating from a giant cosmic egg which cracks and allows for light, life, and love to emerge as the first Cause. Even the acceptance of the big bang theory by scientists studying quantum mechanics does not negate our divine beginning. In fact, while studying the effects from this first Cause in order to determine the character and nature of our curved and expanding universe, scientists have found on the quantum level that everything is interconnected and unified; something philosophers have believed for centuries.


Another way of stating this is that we were created as an extension of the Creator and the Creation was created as an extension which conforms to the divine-human prototype. In other words, the Creator is a macrocosm and eternity is a microcosm, humanity is a macrocosm and this universe is a microcosm. Humans are unique and special because we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator meaning we have been endowed with: living creative power; conscious intelligence for insight, understanding, inspiration, and knowing; a divine nature with unlimited potential which for most people is latent within; and a miraculous male/female physical body which has the ability to express our (two-in-one) inner masculine/feminine or active/passive spirituality. This is who we are!


It is from nature-matter, the feminine aspect of Creation (Sophia), that we receive our elemental body and senses. This body of matter has no self-conscious awareness of its own; it is only conscious of its elemental function. However, it is from conscious intelligence, the masculine aspect of Creation which penetrates our bodies of nature-matter, that we are endowed with life and the light of intelligence or consciousness. As self-conscious beings, we are conscious that we are conscious, meaning that we are conscious as consciousness. Only intelligence can be conscious as consciousness; elemental matter can only be conscious of its function. Conscious intelligence is the true nature of all humans; the physical body is our temporary abode while we gain life experiences for the soul. This means that as we become increasingly conscious of consciousness, we discover the truth, universal laws, and living symbolism within our spiritual nature; we recognize our oneness with God and see it represented in universal laws and cyclical patterns.


Origins in the Eternal


The realm of the physical universe, the Creation spoken of in Genesis, came forth from the Eternal Oneness, the Absolute, the Omniscient Light or Consciousness, the ever-present Origin. The Eternal Oneness is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in creation, but the Eternal is not in manifestation. Eternity is not among the things which exist in space/time because whatever exists, like the physical Creation, is temporary and ever-changing. Creation came into existence from that which is eternal and absolute (See: Being & Becoming).


The Eternal Oneness is the invisible Spirit of immeasurable light, pure, holy, and immaculate in its perfection, blessedness, and divinity. It is immeasurable since there is nothing before it to measure it; it is unnamable since there is nothing before it to name it; it is illimitable since there is nothing before it to limit it; it is unfathomable since there is nothing before it to fathom it; and it is eternal since it exists eternally. The Eternal is incorruptible, timeless, silent, still, and at rest, before everything. It is the Creator of all realms and is the one who sustains the realms through its goodness. It is from this essence of light, life, and love that Creation came forth. This essence of divinity manifested in the third-dimensional universe as the Father/Mother God of Creation, that is, Intelligent Light and Creative Life.


In order to initiate Creation, movement from the Divine Stillness of Being was required. The first instance of “movement” in the Eternal was Divine Will gathering together the Light Essence of Divine Being to conceive the Idea of a “Creation.” This Divine Idea of Creation formed as an invisible essence within the Immaculate Perfection of Being and became a reflection of the image and likeness of the Creator, that is, a reflection of the Triune Creator as Light, Love, and Life – the Holy Trinity. The Trinitarian Creator manifested in the unseen Creation as Creator or Divine Will, the Word (Logos), and Spirit (Creative  Life) – the activity of fulfilling God’s Will. The children of the Creator were also fashioned with a triune spirit endowed with the triune qualities of knowing, thinking, and doing. 

Another imperfect way to explain the beginning is before the Creation came into existence, the Creator as Consciousness in the mist of the Void, peered into the deep, dark, yawning abyss of non-being or unconsciousness. The Creator was perfect omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Beingness in the stillness of non-being. In order for Creation to come into existence, change had to happen in the stillness. Another quality of the Creator emerged to actualize this Divine Idea; that attribute was Thought or Intelligence. Creative Intelligence was required for the Almighty to contemplate and reflect upon the immensity and magnificence of Divine Being (Sophia). Through Creative Intelligence, the Creator is able to look upon Itself and perceive the infinite possibilities of creation.

In the process of introspection, the Creator formulated the perfect idea of Creation. However, in the unfolding creative process, it was necessary for a third quality of the Creator to emerge, and that attribute was the activity of the Spirit. If Activity or Motion had not come forth, the Creator would still be looking into the “mirror” of ITS own reflection for Eternity and nothing would have happened. It would be quite natural for the Creator to contemplate infinite Perfection for Eternity, but also quite lonely.

The Creator looked upon the triune attributes of ITS Being and saw that it was good. This manifestation of the Holy Trinity was the first Divine Emanation to come forth into the unseen Creation. The Creator also created progeny in the Divine image and likeness as spiritual intelligence (consciousness) with the triune attributes of knowing, thinking, and doing so we would be able to think and to learn and to create. This is how the macrocosmic configuration of the Trinity came into being at Creation’s beginning. This Divine Triune pattern is expressed throughout all of Creation. In fact, it is from this same Divine Triune pattern of the Creator that God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit came to be; and this is how our triune spiritual nature came into being also.

Expressions of Duality in Creation

In metaphorical terms, the action of the Trinity – Knowing, Thinking, and Doing stirred movement in the void, the infinite abyss of non-being. Being mingled with non-being; the masculine aspect of the Creator brought forth the feminine aspect (Sophia) from the deep; spirit and matter danced the dance of life; and the Father and Mother mingled and whirled and brought forth duality. This began the manifestation of a third dimensional universe which required an overt expression of the Father and Mother’s masculine and feminine aspects. The masculine or father aspect of Creation manifested as conscious intelligence and the feminine or mother aspect of Creation manifested as the creative power of nature called matter (matter, mater, mother) which we experience as the creative principle in the elemental substance of the universe and our physical bodies. When spiritual intelligence (masculine) penetrated nature-matter (feminine) Creation began. The Father/Mother of Creation came together in creative love and the creative principle of life was brought forth.

From the dual Beingness of the Father/Mother God came forth the Christ (Love, Wisdom), the creative principle, the Word, or the divine Child. There are many references and myths from different cultures and times which refer to this creative Life principle as: the Two-in-One Consciousness (love-wisdom), and the Son of God; and in dualistic symbolism as the Yin/Yang. Christ, the Son/Daughter and the Daughter/Son was (and is) the perfect blend and actualization of the Father/Mother androgynous Consciousness. This is the image and likeness, the divine matrix, or the two-in-one configuration of the physical body, “Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created” (
Genesis 5:2). Jesus, the Christed-One manifested the perfection, balance, and union of all the dual principles found in the human being – in our body as masculine/feminine, in our psychology as anima/animus or feeling/desire, and in our higher consciousness as the active-passive polarities of reason/rightness and Self-knowledge/Self-identity. This is the first living symbolism to be recognized which reveals the manner of our creation.





For our adventure in the physical realm, physical bodies were created in the image and likeness of the androgynous Adam, the divine-human, alpha-omega matrix; that is, our physical bodies were created to accommodate our spirits as either a son/daughter or as a daughter/son. Each one of us is comprised of the masculine-feminine principles, the active-passive polarities, and the love-wisdom expressions of consciousness. Another way to understand the active manifestation of the two-in-one duality is in our psychology or more specifically, in the articulation of feeling and desire which is common to both male and female but expressed differently. In life, men are driven first by their desires and secondly, by their feelings; whereas, women are driven first by their feelings and secondly, by their desires. This is the same relationship described by Carl Jung in Analytical Psychology between the anima (-) and animus (+) which states that in the unconscious of the male, the anima finds expression as the feminine inner personality and in the unconscious of the female, the animus finds expression as the masculine inner personality. The receptivity, balance, and harmony between the animus/anima, desire/feeling, masculine/feminine, and sexuality/spirituality aspects of the conscious-self determine the psychological well-being of each person.


The metaphor about the origin of Creation is revealed in the nature of the intelligence which conceived the universe and in the configuration of the unfolding thought pattern that moves the universe toward manifestation. The nature of the intelligence of Creation is expressed in the allegory which explains that the universe is a “reflection of the Eternal” because the Creator beheld Itself in the light that surrounded It. This light is called the “spring of living water” which provides for all the realms of Creation. The Creator reflected on his image everywhere and in everything and became enamored with His luminous spirit.


The Creator’s thought of Creation became a substantive reality in which the elemental nature-matter of the universe gathered together in the form of the Mother (Sophia, see Proverbs 8:22-36). The Mother is the first power, the glory of Creation as well as the universal womb for the first thought. From within this womb of life the first human (the human matrix) is conceived by the thought of the Father and is created in the image and likeness of the conscious light and triune divine nature. Humans are the centerpiece of the universe; our conscious light and divine nature define the configuration which guides the unfolding thought pattern that builds the physical body and the universe. We were created as an extension of the Creator and the Creation was created as an extension of us.


Most of the ancient manuscripts on the Creation mythologies from the Gnostic, Taoist, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions have assigned various time-frames to the early formative periods of the universe, but for our discussion, “eons of time” is sufficient. The details of time are not important because the first 3-days of Creation were a dark, formative, and unconscious period, much like being in the cosmic womb. These formative stages of elemental Creation are the subject of many Creation mythologies which focus primarily on the origin of humankind and the universe. These mythologies offer some wonderful symbolism to describe the early periods of the universe and the formation of our bodies which help us to recognize the nature and order of Creation. It helps to remember the saying, “There is some truth in myth and some myth in truth.”

The 7 Days of Creation


The divine essence of Eternal Light entered the dark nothingness of infinite space as the “Alpha/Omega Word of God” (the dynamic, living thought in the mind of an Eternal Creator) meaning that within this initial creative impulse was the complete expression of Creation; all of the substance, energy, laws, principles, and the matrix or unfolding pattern of manifestation from its beginning to its completion. This much power, force, and energy entering the dark and deep of the infinite nothingness would truly fit the big bang envisioned by quantum scientists. Also, just as conceivable, universes might come into being as a slow bang of matter being consumed by a black hole and slowly emerging as a new universe from a white hole.


Symbolically, the Alpha/Omega 7-day framework of Creation followed a configuration like a wave of light. In other words, using two-dimensional imagery, the 7-days of Creation are like seven pearls on a necklace, that is, three pearls (days) coming down the left side of the wave, the fourth pearl (day) is at the bottom, and three pearls (days) on the ascending right side of the wave. See diagram below:


Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Rick\Documents\SC Webpapers\Images\Cosmos\7-days-simple-web.jpg

Each of the seven days is comprised of seven cycles and between each day is a night which serves as a rest, reorganization, and regeneration period. It is on the physical plane in the 4th day of Creation that mankind first appears in the physical universe. However, before describing the appearance of humanity on the earth, the first 3 days of Creation need to be addressed.


To use an analogy which corresponds with quantum physics, in the billions of years since the beginning of this temporal, elemental, space/time universe, we have transitioned through the 3 primordial (invisible) elements of fire, air, and water in order to reach the (visible) earth phase or physical plane we are presently in now. Relative to our sight, the invisible is composed of synchronistic and perfectly balanced units of elemental matter. By contrast, our world is visible because the units of matter are not balanced, but vibrate randomly, chaotically, and irregularly. According to quantum mechanics, the universe started at the big bang with an infinite temperature (fire) and infinite density meaning that all the elemental substance of the universe was contained in that initial burst or creative impulse.


In less than a second, as the universe exploded into infinite space, the temperatures cooled to about 100 billion degrees. As the universe cooled further, matter and energy began to decouple and the universe became transparent (air). Hundreds of thousands of years later, when temperatures had dropped to a few thousand degrees, the electrons slowed to the point where light nuclei could capture them to form atoms. These atoms would eventually form complex molecules which were necessary to sustain life (water). And finally, it was not until billions of years later that the heavier elements like carbon and oxygen, of which we are composed, were made from the burning of helium in the center of stars. All of these primordial elements precipitated into what we know as physical manifestation (earth) approximately 4.5 billion years ago; our presence on the planet is only a small fraction of that time. 


There was a large block of time in the early phases of Creation before mankind actually entered “onto the stage of life.” This time was the early formative period for the universe and for the developing invisible matrix of the human body. Although it took billions of years to traverse these first 3-days of Creation, it should be remembered that time is relative; time in the unseen is different than the march of time in the 3rd dimensional world. On the descending side of this wave of life (from peak to trough) were the phases or periods in which the universe was forming and condensing, that is, when the gases and quantum matter began to gather and coalesce into galaxies, stars, and planets.


As the universe was condensing, the matrix for the human body was beginning to take form directed by the Alpha/Omega Thought of the Creator to the Elohim which guided invisible units of elemental matter to configure the design for what would eventually be our nervous system, vital systems, organs, and flesh body. For humanity, the first 3-days of Creation were silent, dark, and unconscious like the 3 trimesters in the gestation process all human beings experience in their mother’s womb. These phases of physical development for the embryo in the stages of gestation are a micro representation of the macro experience humanity transitioned through in the first 3-days of Creation.

In the Absolute, everything is indivisible; the past, the present and the future all exist simultaneously as the eternal, but once Creation is manifested, time becomes divisible and moves repetitively through reoccurring cycles. God uses time as a means to create order in the universe through the cycles of time and through the different phases of life. The Creator uses time to contain the universal chaos and to create the illusion of impermanence through the cycles of life and death. Because of the existence of time, beings experience change, aging, death, and rebirth in the temporal Creation. All time cycles have involution and evolution in three phases: formation, growth, and perfection followed by a period of rest. Rest also has three phases: release, reorganization, and regeneration. God, the Omnipotent Oneness commences a new cycle of destiny after a period of rest by reactivating Creation and releasing the renewed souls into its custody at the previous point of progress.




Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Rick\Documents\SC Webpapers\Images\Sephiroth\sefirot-images\Sephirot-PP\Stages of Med+\4Day-creation-web.jpg

The left side of this diagram represents about 10-11,000 years from the beginning of the “materialization” of humanity until the time of Christ. At present, humankind is 2,000 years past the midpoint on the 4th day of Creation which is represented by the bottom of the bottom circle in the diagram. Jesus Christ was “born into humanity” at the low point of the fourth day in order to alter the destiny of humankind by sanctifying the flesh body through the forgiveness of our collective sins from the past. See the diagram above for humanity’s present position:
this is where we are. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the 7th day of Creation and His presence among us and the example He presented revealed to humanity our future destiny. (See: Stage 3 Meditation) He demonstrated in His life the divine nature that is within each one of us who awaken it and follow the Way of Life. That is why he said, “These things I do so shall you do also… come follow me.”

The Journey of Humankind


The knowledge of where we areon this journey through Creation is determined by how far we as individual beings have progressed in our understanding of intelligence or in becoming conscious of consciousness. Where we are is also determined by the state of our soul which is known by the experiences we have had, be they vice or virtue. The manifested state of our intelligence, character, body, and life circumstances define where we are and can be understood through the knowledge acquired in reflection and meditation. The knowledge of where we are going requires a basic understanding of the 7-days of Creation as well as understanding that we have traveled on this journey through eons of time, through different structures of consciousness, and through many lives and bodies; and we have a long way to go. The length of this journey is incomprehensible to the human mind which is why we refer to it as Eternity.


There is an obscure and little known mythical tale which anyone who researches creation myths and traditions will stumble across at some point, and that is, after Adam was created, the Elohim created for Adam a female counterpart in the image of Sophia, embodying God’s divine nature. To the surprise of the creators, Adam was not at all interested in Sophia, and no amount of encouragement seemed to change his mind. Eventually, this idea was scrapped, when it was recognized that the counterpart for Adam must come from his own male/female prototypal being. So Adam was made to sleep and the female attribute, the left side of the body, was removed and fashioned into Eve, the woman. Thus, the force of attraction between the male and female parts is felt to this day by each human who meets his or her counterpart.


It was also recognized that Adam and Eve would never be conscious that they were conscious unless they awakened from the dream-like Edenic state. Dream-like states have no reflective characteristics, so one is unable to critique the actions of one’s life. Thus, there was a definite need for the awakening of Adam and Eve through the knowledge of good and evil, or humanity would never have been exalted through the works of Jesus Christ. It was obviously known that humanity would fall and be redeemed as the verse from John 17:1 states – These words spoke Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gave me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” The “fall” of Adam and Eve was not a mistake, but the beginning of our journey through the days of creation so we too could be glorified with the glory of the Father as Jesus Christ was.

In my 50 years of study and research, I have found several reliable sources which concur that the idea of this 7-day journey was designed specifically as a learning and growth experience into the realms of matter for the evolution, edification, and spiritualization of our individual souls; we also do this as a collective human experience. Thus, humanity began a very long journey to gain the knowledge, balance, and spiritual experience needed to realize our divine nature and to recreate within our souls a perfect balance between our individual two-in-one spiritual nature. In essence, this is why we are here. In the beginning of this journey, we were separated from the Eternal Oneness and for the first time we experienced fear, loneliness, duality, and the magnetic distinction in the masculine and feminine polarities. Thus, we have lived with the male-female division in our physical nature and the active-passive duality of life in our consciousness since the beginning. Consequently, it is now our burden and responsibility on this 7-day journey to balance these dual aspects within consciousness and then to regenerate our soul; this is the goal of Stage 2 Meditation. As individual beings, this is what our responsibility is.

The Soul


The soul or breath-form of each person is both active and passive: active as breathing and passive as form. What brings our beingness to life as living souls is the breath of God. In Genesis: 2-7, "And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." The breath of God we each received gave us life-force and became our soul as breath and form. When each individual being received the breath of life, it was imprinted forever with a unique identity. Just like the snowflake, each human soul is a singular and unique creation, and our individual soul stays with us throughout our journey through the 7 days of Creation. Aside from our conscious intelligence, who we are is defined by the unique experiences accumulated and inscribed upon each soul.


It is upon the form of the breath-form that every thought, word, and deed is recorded throughout all of our lives. Consequently, based on our past deeds, when we come into this life, it is the breath-form that carries the configuration of the “matrix” which determines the form, the symmetry, the uniqueness, and the health of our body as well as its particular life circumstances and conditions. Our life, countenance, character, personality, and body are a perfect reflection of the soul which means that we truly do “reap what we sow.”


The soul or breath-form is essential matter, meaning that it differs from the ordinary matter of the physical world in that it is refined matter on the unmanifested side of life. The matter of the breath-form cannot be injured or destroyed because essential matter is not subject to harm. However, the form of the breath-form is marked or etched by consciousness whenever thinking, feeling, and/or actions make their impressions upon it, so it is blemished by vice or elevated by virtue. Another way of describing the soul as essential matter is that essential matter is the substance of the universe that is between matter and light; it is no longer matter, but it is not yet light. The perfection of the soul actually means the regeneration or resurrection of the soul which is a process of purifying the soul, raising it from essential matter into light. One lifetime is not sufficient to perfect the soul, so we were given a 6-day framework in which to complete the task; and we will all rest on the seventh day.


The regeneration of the soul is also referred to as the “resurrection in the body.” This refers to a transformative process which begins by recognizing the many attachments we have to the physical/sensual world. These conscious and unconscious attachments are created as our light is projected into the material world through emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and experiences. These attachments remain “bound to the substance of the world” until we consciously free our light from the thing, person, or situation to which it is attached and bring it back within our own conscious intelligence.


Reflection upon the teachings of Christ will reveal the Way of Life and the meditative process for regenerating and perfecting the soul. Remarkably, in the teachings of Christ, we have been given the perfect map for the journey as well as the ideal spiritual model in the example of Jesus the Christ. The transformative system of meditation presented on this site explains the Way of Life as a path of release from the physical attachments to the world, purification of the psycho-cognitive nature, subduing of the ego-mind, and awakening to and experiencing the serenity of the Sacred Heart, the Kingdom of Heaven within.


My eyes stare into the abyss of night,
Waiting to be anointed by the light.
There, I call your name and pray that you,
On the other side are watching too;
That our visions meet, way up high,
And magnify in the luminous sky.  
Then, oneness to oneness and love to love,
Soul to soul in peace above,
Tethered to the world, still steeped in night,
We set our sails to meet the light.
Then, catching the wind at the edge of day,
We cut the anchor and fly away,
Then, our hearts shine as never before,
As we follow the sun forevermore.