Transformation & Transcendence



This introduction is important as it explains how this meditation system came into being, how it works, why it works, and why is has to be done sequentially. In order to explain the origins of this system, it is necessary to briefly describe what lead me to writing Spiritual Christian.


To begin with, in my entire life, even as a child, I have had a deep love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and Santa Claus; there is a big painting of Santa holding the Christ child in my living room. Although I did not attend church regularly, my entire adult life has been a spiritual quest, including joining the Marine Corps to get the self-discipline I desperately needed.


With Christ always at the core of my being, early on, my quest lead me into the Eastern meditation systems. I studied Tibetan mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism and the various meditation systems and knowledge which were associated with these teachings. One thing lead to another, and in the early years, my studying ventured into Christian mysticism, metaphysics, alchemy, spiritual anatomy, the chakras, etc. Eventually, my pursuit of spiritual knowledge lead me into joining a non-denominational Christian order where I lived a semi-monastic life style for 7 years; this period included study, meditation, and service to others in a community of like-minded people.


After this phase of my life came to an end, I was still hungry for spiritual knowledge, so books became my teachers. In particular, the book Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival was a major influence in my life as well as The Ever Present Origin, by Jean Gebser which describes the evolution of the structures of consciousness. Also, I must mention Carl Jung, Sri Aurobindo, Sergius Bulgakov, Nicolas Berdyaev, and James Hillman. I read well over a thousand books on various spiritual subjects and I ventured down every rabbit hole that showed signs of enlightening knowledge; these materials are too numerous to mention. I continued my meditation, but I hit a wall and became very dissatisfied with the results.


Totally frustrated, one day I gathered together my most important books, my notations from the past, and with a fiery determination, I spent the next 3 months all day, every day focused on finding the Truth. I began each day with 2-3 hours of meditation on the subjects I was studying. After several months of studying, meditating, and focusing on raising my consciousness in pursuit of enlightenment, it occurred to me this was not going to happen. I identified the problem – my physical body. It kept dragging me down, repeatedly, no matter how much meditation I did. 


I changed course; I redirected my meditation efforts downward rather than upward. I focused my attention exclusively on the energies, instincts, and impulses of the physical body; I spent the next couple of years trying to make sense of this energetic region of the body. From some of the Eastern meditation teachings, I remembered the power center in the lower abdomen and began using focused-connected breathing in this center to control, purify and master these primitive energies. What came out of these years of meditative inquiry are the instructions of how to negotiate and understand this region and how to transcend it. This is Stage 1 Meditation.


I practiced at this primal level until the lower psychic was revealed to me as the next level to investigate. I ventured into this mysterious realm and spent several more years meditating on the “territorial energies” of the lower psychic, and eventually, began studying Analytical Psychology (Jung) so I had the terminology to understand what I was experiencing, i.e., the psychic-cognitive nature and the shadow, our personal unconscious.


After understanding this realm of the lower psychic, I worked on transforming my shadow-self and purifying the psychic energies which were in the area of the solar plexus chakra; at this level, the chakras became like “road signs” marking the energy levels I was working on. The meditation exercises and knowledge of this region of the lower psychic, below the diaphragm, is referred to as Stage 2 meditation.


When I finally rose above the lower psychic, I realized I had moved into new territory, but I was not exactly clear what realm this was because the change was so subtle. I eventually referred to it as the “higher psychic” as I had never read anything describing it as such. Again, I spent considerable time in meditation becoming familiar with the heart chakra.


I then spend several more years trying to discern the relationship between the spirituality of the heart and that of the brain. These two regions are referred to as Stage 3 and Stage 4 respectively. From my life experience in these higher levels of consciousness, I can say with assurance, those who reach these levels will live in the state of Grace as long as they don’t fall back. 


From the beginning, this has been a journey of many decades and what has come out of it is a bottom-up spiritual system for discovering the Truth. But, here is the interesting thing I discovered… anyone who follows this same path I’ve described will have the exact same outcome because we are all copies of the archetypal Adamic body. The animal nature, psycho-cognitive, and spirituality of my body and self are identical to yours. Within yourself, you will find exactly what I found and described. I am able to describe this journey and territory because I discovered and followed this path within myself. For me, this is what Jesus Christ was referring to as the Way of Life.


I am sure there will be more revelation, insights, and knowledge to be revealed ahead, but for now, I share this knowledge so others can make this journey to Self-realization in years rather than in decades. I firmly believe the more people who reach these higher states are preparing the way for the return of Christ.

Final Words


The Christian meditation system presented on this site differs somewhat from other meditation systems in that we strive to be consciously still and clear in the Light, Love, and Spirit of Christ and to keep this inner holiness ever-present within so we feel love for God and for others. As Christians, it is our goal to be clear within so we can know the Light and Spirit in our body, heart, mind and soul, and to experience oneness with the Divine Presence.


We achieve clarity by resolving and transforming our personal weaknesses, fears, lower desires, unstable emotions and psychological pain. In this purified and renewed state we can know stillness, peace and courage in our service to God and humanity.


Those who have studied the first three stages of meditation will be familiar with the universal laws of correspondence (as above so below, etc.), the relationship of these stages with the Kabbalah and Tree of Life, with various processes of alchemy, and with the symbolism of the elemental universe. These stages of meditation also correspond to mystical Hinduism which recognizes Christ and the transformative practices of Qigong, which I practiced for years, in which Ching (vital energy) is transformed into Chi (vital life) and Chi is transformed into Shen (spirit).


This is the same path I described above in different words; same body, same path, same universal reality. All spiritual teachings, East and West, originate from the Adamic body; it was this same body Christ resurrected. It seems appropriate to me that a Christ-oriented meditation system would be so universal in nature it would be in agreement with all other spiritual systems of Self-realization.

For answers to questions about Stages 1 & 2 Meditation, see the bottom of those pages.


The Light, the Truth and the Way

Inside the ancient tree of life,
There was hidden a great gift of light.
For the tree had grown from sacred ground,
Up from roots that went way down.
Then, when a simple artist took up a knife,
All its passion slowly returned to life,
And as time passed, the truth emerged,
The simple embodiment of the holy word;
And when I saw this great treasure was offered to me,
It broke my chains and set me free,
And then my eyes were opened indeed,
By the living light which came from a seed.
Now everywhere I walk is sacred ground,
And I cherish the roots which go way down,
As I feel the great artist who carves with light,
Slowly bringing my new heart and soul to life.
O, mysterious passion, merge me with you,
Nail my mind to your tree and make me true,
That I might continue this very day,
To follow the light and the truth and the way.
By My Wonderful Wife

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