Transformation & Transcendence

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The Spiritual Life of Jesus


The mysterious thing about the historical life of Jesus is, besides his birth, very little is known about his earlier life up until he begins his ministry. There are books written from the Nag Hammadi papyrus found in the desert which refer to Joseph and Mary being members of the Essene Brotherhood and that Jesus received spiritual training from the Brotherhood in his early years growing up.


I did read an interesting book, The Nine Faces of Christ by Whitworth, which outlined an incredible journey Jesus took as a young man during which he received esoteric training in Egypt, initiations from the Druids, and had a variety of spiritual experiences in India with enlightened Yogi Masters. Although this book is likely a fictional narrative, it seems very plausible as it contains descriptions of the different esoteric trainings he received as well as the challenging, character building experiences he endured on the long journey. These were viable spiritual lessons and life experiences, training I am familiar with from my own life, research, and meditation experiences.


The point here is it’s very likely Jesus was immersed in spiritual knowledge and training prior to being baptized. That he had an attraction to spiritual knowledge seems obvious considering the fact that Jesus was a highly evolved soul who was doing everything he could to fulfill his destiny and to be spiritually knowledgeable and mentally prepared to walk into the waters with John the Baptist, be baptized, and become the Son of God with Christ and the Holy Spirit descending upon Him.


After this divine transformation, He fasted in the desert for 40 days, He resisted Satan’s temptations, and from that point on, He demonstrated His godlike abilities, performing miracles throughout His life. In the final act of His life, He died, He was resurrected, and He ascended; something no human has ever done. He also left us with some mysterious sayings like, “These things I do, so shall you do also and greater than these.”


Now, two thousand years later, our knowledge of the world, both seen and unseen, has vastly expanded to the point of overwhelming the mind from differing perceptions and differing realities; both real and AI. For the sake of our own spiritual redemption, we must have a singular focus on the straight and narrow path and the roots from which sprang the Way of Life Jesus taught.


“We are all copies of the primordial, archetypal Adamic body.”


The primordial root from which we ALL come forth is the archetypal male/female Adamic body God created in the beginning; we are all identical copies of this primordial body. All spiritual teachings, East and West, originate from the spiritual anatomy of the archetypal Adamic body; this was the same body Jesus Christ resurrected.


Humans were created in the image and likeness of the primordial Adamic body, thus we have within our divine spirit the same potential as Christ to resurrect our bodily/psycho-cognitive nature from the stranglehold of the worldly illusion in which we live. Furthermore, once we have accomplished this resurrection, we have the spiritual potential and internal knowledge to ascend into the Presence of our Father who is One with our spiritual Self.


Christian Initiations

The 4 stages of Christ Meditations are modeled after the initiatory life experiences of Jesus Christ who, in His time, as I stated above, embodied the primordial, archetypal Adamic body – the same body we humans presently embody. Jesus Christ communicated His spiritual experiences to us through the reality of the male/female Adamic body and the godly potential it has within. The spiritual realities God taught us in: the baptism of Jesus, in the temptations, in raising the dead, in healing, in dying and being reborn, in the resurrection, and in the ascension are spiritual initiations which exist in all human bodies, except they have not been awakened or activated. Jesus Christ demonstrated and actualized the spiritual potentials of the Adamic body in His life. Through the Christ Meditations, one can experience the equivalent spiritual initiations and transformations Christ revealed to us.

The equivalent transformative initiations for the dedicated disciple, are as follows: In order to be baptized in the waters of life, one’s inner self must first push back against the animal forces of the human body through focused meditation so as to dominate and purify these primal forces; and rise above them as explained in Stage 1. Through this process, one can consciously enter into the waters of the lower psychic to “raise the dead,” the unconscious dark desires and the emotionally damaged parts which comprise our personal shadow-self. Next, identifying and transforming the unbridled desires, dark impulses, and various temptations of the shadow-self is our equivalent experience of Christ’s temptations in the desert; our personalized version from the same darkness. This includes recognizing the dark, deceptive voice of the chattering-mind as the lower impulses and misdirection of the shadow-self which leads us astray.

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Next, to become whole, we must purify the dark, contaminated waters of the lower psychic as well as heal the undeveloped and immature emotions in Stage 2. This transformative initiation purifies, heals, and rejuvenates the psychic soul so it can rise above the diaphragm into the higher psychic energies; this is where the work of Stage 3 begins. Stage 3 involves the transformation and purification of the Sacred Heart; its completion is the equivalent of resurrection in the body. This is followed by the ascension of the “arisen Christ Light” from the Sacred Heart into the spiritual center of the brain where one can know the Divine Presence of our heavenly Father in Stage 4. This is the point of oneness Jesus referred to when He said, “I and my Father are one.” This is also the point of emanation for Jesus’ halo.  

“What Jesus Christ did in His newly spiritualized body was how He communicated
 the Way of Life to us and the Beatitudes are our spiritual guidelines.”

Within the 4-fold body and the Triune Self, one can perceive the exact same path which is embedded in the matrix of the archetypal Adamic body, waiting for the dedicated disciple to awaken it. The only variables on the path are that each person’s life experiences are uniquely different, thus their shadow-self is different, and so are the character attributes and flaws of each individual. We humans are like snowflakes; we are all the same but different!


Jesus Christ communicated this reality to us by what He did in His newly spiritualized body. This is what spiritual transformation and transcendence is about; anyone who is capable of following this same path will have the same outcome because we are all copies of the archetypal Adamic body God created in the beginning. The animal nature, the psycho-cognitive nature, and the spiritual nature of my higher self are identical to yours. Our basic human makeup is identical to Jesus before He was baptized and the Christ Spirit descended upon Him. We have the same spiritual potential within; this is why he said “These things I do so shall you do also and greater than these.” “Come, follow me.” For me, this is what Jesus Christ was referring to as the Way of Life.


Final Words


The Christ meditation system presented on this site differs somewhat from other meditation systems in that we simply strive to BE: consciously still and clear in the Light, Love, and Spirit of Christ and to keep this inner holiness ever-present within so we feel love for God and for others. As Christians, it is our goal to be clear within so we can know the Light and Spirit in our body, heart, mind and soul as well as experience oneness with the Divine Presence in the present moment.


It is our first duty to achieve clarity and openness by resolving and transforming our personal weaknesses, fears, lower desires, unstable emotions, and psychological pain (the shadow-persona). In this purified and renewed state we can know stillness, peace, and courage in our service to God and to one another. Meditation is the way to clear our psycho-cognitive nature so we can be in communion with the Holy Trinity in the present moment, to: heal our self, free our self, love our self and let our light shine!


The Holy Trinity has led me through 5+ decades of spiritual experience, research, and meditation experience to discover this path of Light and the 4-stage system of meditation; and given me the time and ability to write about it. Everything explained in the 4 stages of meditation is from my personal experiences. I freely share this knowledge so those who are sufficiently inspired and self-disciplined enough can have this same experience in months or years rather than in decades. In truth, the spiritual path requires self-discipline and perseverance to accomplish, like rolling a boulder up a mountain to the top.


Worshipping and praising God has its reward. However, actually following the Way of Life, to transform and to heal oneself within, based on the principles of Christ’s teachings, has a much greater reward. “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? Consequently, if we are to follow Him like He said, we have to work for it; meaning, we will experience a personalized version of the transforming and transcendent experiences Jesus had, only within our own body and consciousness. Do your part and the Holy Spirit will lead you to the Sacred Heart within.

Activating the Path Within


The following exercise is for the person who desires to follow the most direct path up the mountain. As stated above, the Christian initiations, as well as other miraculous powers Jesus demonstrated, are embedded within our Adamic body. The 4 stages of meditation are written in such a fashion that one can simply read each stage (in order) to awaken and activate these initiatory experiences; this is a reading meditation. It’s a very simple procedure to follow.


Before starting, relax, close your eyes and take several deep, long, and smooth breaths to disengage from the world and to get centered within. For the dedicated disciple, learn about focused connected-breathing, here. When relaxed breathing is achieved, patiently and calmly begin to read Stage 1 meditation (maintain the breathing) and don’t worry about understanding everything, just read and feel what you feel within. To get the maximum benefit out of this, try to finish a stage in one sitting; or, at least, finish the Philosophy and Knowledge and later read the meditation instruction; do whatever works for you, but be consistent and be disciplined enough to finish what you’ve started.


When Stage 1 is completed, do the same process with Stage 2, and so on. This is what will happen if these instructions are followed: you will experience an awakening in the part of the body that you are reading about because you are consciously touching the initiatory path, the Way of Life which lies dormant within. Even though you may not consciously understand what you read, it is in your unconscious mind and it will begin to percolate. You will experience a notable benefit to your life if you can accomplish this and nothing else. If you do begin the stages of meditation, it will feel like familiar territory and your progress will be swift.


Even though we are not on the same spiritual level as Jesus, we humans were pre-eternally destined to experience Christ consciousness; and God did send His son to tell us the Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us and Eternal life awaits us when we leave this world. Belief in Jesus Christ gets one a “general admission ticket” into heaven. Those who hunger and thirst for spiritual knowledge and actually follow the Way of Life into higher consciousness will get “front row seats” close to the Throne. As He said, “These things I do so shall you do also and greater than these.” So, just do it!


The Beautiful Mountain

One bright day you perceive the silhouette of a beautiful mountain.
You enjoy exploring crag and ridge, listening to its silver-spraying fountain.
Suddenly, a sun ray touches the wick of its heart, and your mind begins to quake,
For in the light of truth, you see the mountain is you, and its soul is awake.
Then, softly as a whisper in the wind, its small flame expands with many a sigh,
Its aura reaching to the highest peak, becoming one with the summit’s eye,
Which opens to show you many new ways in which your spirit may fly,
To reach the base of yet a higher mountain, floating even higher in the sky.
There, though you will climb through many clouds, where only light has gone before,
You will travel beyond the shadow of doubt, to find the handle of an ancient door,
Which will open by your hand into the land, where the stream of your prayer pours,
As you become the servant of glory, reflecting the sun forevermore;
Until one day another will perceive the bright silhouette of your beautiful mountain,
And together you will walk upon its crag and ridge, adoring its holy fountain.
By: My Wife


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